Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday At Last

I'm glad weekend is around the corner. However, I feel terrified. Time is running so fast, soon March is here. I have this mixed emotion about resigning from my current job. I am happy working here, for I made friends with a lot of people. Two and half years here is not something that I can just throw away. I had been happy. Financially, I am doing okay, I was even able to buy a house (though it's  still on mortgage). I am not sure if I am ready to be "unemployed." But I do not want you to think of it negatively, I am resigning because I am having hard time balancing between my German language classes, paperwork in the government and embassy and work. Plus the fact that recently, I am almost not working. It is not procrastination (I miss this word for a while), because there really is no work for me left after that product was launched. I felt like I am already a redundancy here, hence the thought of resignation came to my mind. As much as possible I do not want to be unemployed, I love the feeling of always having money in my pocket, which I have personally earned. But then again, it's not just about the money I am earning, I want to think about my company as well. Nobody had talked to me about being a redundancy, really, for there are always work here for me, they say. There is still this QMS project, on which, I am the champion for our team. There are still admin works to accomplish. But I do not find satisfaction on those stuffs, I didn't apply for this position to do those stuffs. So I came up with a decision to resign and do not wait for the management to come down to me and force me to resign. I don't like that part, I still have the pride in me. I am not insensitive not to feel that I am no longer needed.

As an old saying goes, better opportunities are just right outside your comfort zone. I know somewhere across the globe, there is a job waiting for me. But first, I must take the first step and finish all these paper works!

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