Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Think I'll Pass Out

Okay, I may be exaggerating things but here is the story.


I went out of the house early today since I cannot get good sleep because someone is doing some construction thingy at the next room. I decided then to have my lunch at Glorietta, without any particular restaurant in mind. After lunch, I thought of spending some time at Powerbooks, just so I won’t be too early at work. And wow!!! Powerbooks is on sale! Up to 80% off! Well of course, it is only on limited copies. I went there for one specific book: Barron’s Wörterbuch. This specific dictionary comes with a free online dictionary that I can install on PDA or computer. I get it because: (1) my current dictionary is unhelpful. It’s Webster’s German-English dictionary and I am lost using it  and (2) it comes with the free online dictionary and I am a freebie-freak! While already holding my new dictionary (it is so big and heavy but I love it!), I decided to wander around and check on what are the books there at the 80% off cart and wow! There are many travel and language books and ALMANACS! Some almanacs are even of year 2010! It felt heaven. I was searching for anything that mentions Europe or Germany or something. I found audio books of Basics in Italian language, Lonely Planet book of Central Asia. Then as I was browsing through the stocks, I saw this “Basics in Russian” book. I grabbed it right away without reading the inside. Imagine a language book for only Php 90.00! I said to myself that I got a great buy! Therefore, I checked out with my new Wörterbuch and my Russian language book. [FYI: My boyfriend’s second language is Russian, that is why I got interested with Russian as well, plus me, Ody and Kristel will be watching the World Cup on 2018 at Russia! Better start learning the basics of it now.] So I went out with a smile, I love it how books make my day! I wonder why people  are not fans of these travel and language books, I mean they are more fun!


Across Powerbooks (or better say that a few stalls away) is Abensons Store. It is one of the largest appliance store here in the Philippines. I had always wanted a point and shoot camera that is lightweight and not too expensive and comes with a state-of-the-art lenses. That being said, I mean I wanted a Panasonic Lumix camera. But I noticed that not all stores here are carrying Panasonic digicams. I had visited this store for like thousand times and kept on asking them for a Lumix brand of camera, but they always tell me that they don’t carry one. However, today is different. I went inside because I noticed that the camera station carries more model today, in the hope that I could find good cam that is comparable with the Lumix brand. Guess what I found? LUMIX CAMERAS! I almost passed out seeing it. Though they carry old models, it is still great to see them selling Panasonic now! I guess they listened to me, or they really wanted me to be their customer. Though it is one of the old F2P and F3P models of Lumix (well, it is not that old, maybe a year ago release), it is exactly what I wanted. Leica lenses, lightweight, cheap price (imagine a Leica camera for only Php5,000.00) and comes in PINK! I almost get my credit card out of my wallet and get it till I got interrupted by my thoughts. I need to save. And anything that I would purchase above Php2000.00 must be consulted first with my boyfriend. So I tried to find a way out since the lady was so kind at me to accommodate me fast. Luckily, Lumix F3P comes only in shades of Black and Silver. She went away without telling me if she’s going to check the stocks, and I was left wandering there and drooling over these Lumix cameras for around 5 minutes and then I went out and go to the office.


And now I am here in the office, still dreaming about that camera. I immediately searched for a comparison of the two models and send it to my boyfriend. I hope he would agree. I hope he would agree. I hope he would agree. I hope he would agree. I hope he would agree. I hope he would agree. I hope he’d agree. I hope he’d agree.  I hope he’d agree.  I hope he’d agree.  Once he agrees, I am going back there TOMORROW. Yes, TOMORROW.


While I am waiting for his reply, I’d go check first on my new books. First, the new Wörterbuch: I really love Barron’s! I am very satisfied with the two other books I have from him, the German Idioms and the 501 German Verbs, and now, this very helpful dictionary with European maps and summary of grammar lessons, plus my ticket for the free download!


Then, my Russian book: what’s this? OMG! It should have a cassette tape so I can understand how these letters and words are pronounced. The cassette tape is not here (hey! There are no more cassettes nowadays!)!!!!! I think, I’ll really pass out this time… >_<


I should have taken the Italian audio book instead…

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