Saturday, February 12, 2011

Congratulations, Happy Yipee Yehey!

I watched the pilot episode of the newest noontime show in the Philippines entitled Happy Yipee Yehey. When I first heard the title of this show, my initial reaction was "WTF?!?" Thanks to the creative team, they proved me wrong.

It was fun and enlightening. They brought back memories of the noontime shows I used to grow up watching. Lots of songs, dance and some games. One show that is really meant to be watched while enjoying your lunch with your family (or even if alone). So I guess, it is right to greet them now a CONGRATULATIONS for they were able to meet my expectation for a TV program, and I hope in time, they would be able to exceed it.

♪♫ happy (happy, happy!)
yipee (yipee, yipee!)
yehey (yehey, yehey!)
happy, yipee, yehey! ♫♪

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