Friday, January 14, 2011

When It Seems Like There's No Reason To Write

I honestly cannot remember who told me or where I read it from, but there's this repeating advice in my head when I feel like I am having my writer's block, and that is this:

"When it seems like there is no reason to write, grab a pen or paper and write words. It does not need to be written in phrases, nor sentences nor paragraphs. Just write them as they are."*

It may sound a little absurd, but yes, I tried it today. Though the words on my mind were the words I typed as a title of this blog, and look! It worked! I got to write more than ten words!

Maybe next time I'll try with only random words, let's see what I'll get to finish.

*I think I remember now where I read it. It was one chapter within one of the Gossip Girl series where Dan went blank and Vanessa told him to simply write the words regardless how meaningless it sounds. Was it really Vanessa? Anyway, bottom line is it came from von Ziegesar.

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