Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tech Review: COMPLINK Computer Store SM North EDSA Annex

After receiving such a wonderful service, I think it would be best to give them the best review ever here in the Cyberworld. Let me start this short review by telling you the story how this all began.

It was just last December, a week before my birthday, when I thought of purchasing a netbook because my old laptop was too heavy and too big to carry around. I was after Gateway brand, another netbook from Acer, simply because of great freebies they had on promo. I went to Acer store, but they said the model that I am looking for was out of stock at their branch. I felt disappointed, but at the same time determined not to go home without a netbook. I walked around SM Annex searching for other netbooks with tremendous freebies, avoiding Octagon because of my last not-so-good experience with them. I went inside Complink and looked around the units they carry. One staff immediately went to me and asked what I was looking for. I said I was looking for a netbook, Gateway in particular. However, they do not have the model on promo, so he offered Acer Aspire One Happy. I was hesitant because this unit does not have freebies based on Acer website. What I did was ask him first what freebies would I get if I purchase Acer Happy (because the colors honestly attracted me, it's also the colors that made me search for Gateway netbooks). He said they would be giving me optical mouse and headset from the store and optical drive from Acer office. The one from Acer made me think already, because I did not see it from the website, but then I thought that day that maybe it was the latest promo, so I agreed on purchasing Acer Happy. I went home with my optical mouse and headset and then I checked on Acer website again regarding the optical drive. Still, no optical drive for Acer Happy. The following day, I called on the sales team of Acer and confirm about the optical drive, sadly, no optical drive for Acer Happy, only a mouse. I just kept silent and chose not to call Complink for the wrong information that I got, anyway, I still have my old laptop in case I need to burn something into CDs.

A day before New Year, Complink customer service sent me a SMS stating that he/ she will be in contact with me again  in the next few days regarding the optical drive. I just replied with "OK." I did not set my hopes high, thinking that they would just call me or his/ her manager and would simply apologize and tell me that there really is no optical drive for me. But just yesterday, he/ she sent me a message again and told me to visit the store and claim my optical drive. I said to myself, "wow! They DID gave me a freebie!" So I went to the store today and got my Buffalo Optical Drive and Acer Wireless Mouse. They gave it to me without asking me to return the Genius Optical Mouse they initially gave me since Acer had the wireless mouse for free with Acer Happy. I went home very satisfied with Complink.

It is not just about the freebies that I am satisfied with them, it is also for their CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT GOES THE EXTRA MILE. Imagine if it were other stores, the time when I did not call them and complain, maybe they would just sit down and laugh that they had cheated another customer. But Complink went the extra mile. They reviewed the OR's of their customers, checked on the items their customers already claimed and if there were customers that missed their items and contacted them. They provided an excellent customer service that would surely make their customers to keep coming back for more.

Sure enough, I am coming back to their store.


from a very satisfied customer blogging 
using the netbook she purchased
from your store. :-D

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