Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Samsung Jet: It's Everything I Need

The first time I saw this model being advertised, I already fell in love with it. So even if I am a thrifty buyer, who waits for stuffs to be on sale, I bought my own Jet as soon as my neighborhood phone store offered it (when I say neighborhood, it is literally my neighbor). Unfortunately though, I was one of those people who had ALL the bugs on the first units. I was kind of disappointed, but I never gave up on my phone. I searched throughout the worldwide web and find people who are also experiencing the same first-birth pains. I found groups formed at Facebook, with some techie people who risked their units and tweaked it to find solutions to the bugs. Until I came to a certain website, I think started also by a Filipino, who caters for all Samsung users and has a large help forum for Jet. I joined the group initially to find tweaks on how to improve the sensor, etc. It also became my venue for free applications and games. Some techies also suggested and provided user-friendly guidelines on how to "flash" the Samsung phones. It was a scary thing to do, especially if you are not that techie person and do not understand certain computing languages. One told me to go to my neighborhood store and let them do the flashing/ upgrade of my firmware since it is still within the warranty period. So a person like me who wants the best for my dear Jet, went all the way to Megamall (where my neighborhood store suggested to be the fastest in terms of upgrades and repairs) and inquired about the latest firmware they can give my dear Jet. Unfortunately though, they said they were not capable as of that time since the head technician is not around and he is the only one with the password for the tools to be used for flashing. With a sad face, I left the Samsung store and proceeded to Samsung at SM North EDSA. There is still a hope in me that my phone would be healed from those crappy bugs. However, the people in that store do not even know what I was talking about, I was about to say that their technicians were totally useless, until their supervisor approached me and offered to help. I told him all the problems, restarting, hanging, and no German-language support. He said he can upgrade to the latest Philippine firmware, but I could not have the German support. I asked why, and I mentioned a firmware that was the latest release that time, he said that FW is not for Philippines/ Asia, but for Europe, and being under NTC, he can only upgrade using Asian FW. I surrendered and let him treat my dear Jet, telling myself that I can get by without the German support, I can do that once I am in Germany. True enough, my Jet was a little bit healed. That was a year ago. Indeed, I was able to get by without the German language. I used the website now merely for my supply of games and wallpapers. Then just today, I thought of revisiting the site that explains about the flashing. I am ready to risk the life of my dear Jet, thinking that if I make something wrong flashing it, I would not regret paying for its repair, anyway it's already beyond its warranty period. So I downloaded all the tools I need, the latest European firmware file (yes, I took the European FW so I can have my dear German dictionary and keyboard), read and printed the guidelines to follow and readied my Jet. First attempt was a failure, I almost cried. My Jet only registered static screen, as in like TV without any signal. I took off the battery and repeated the procedure, carefully reading the guidelines. VOILA! I got the new firmware! Everything were in Dutch at the beginning, but thanks to my little knowledge of Germanic languages, I was able to get by and set my Jet to how I want it to be.

I can finally say now that my Samsung Jet is EVERYTHING I NEED. :) 

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