Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Sad Moment In Our Life

I just got home to my place from Sanctuarium. If you are from Manila, then you know what is there at Sanctuarium. My dear uncle doctor passed away this morning due to illness. It was so sad. One of the few people that we can run to in case of emergency and we are not financially capable of getting a specialist.

He is the director of the Department of Surgery at Philippines Veterans Hospital. Had been a doctor all his life and helped everyone in need. Being feared by younger doctors yet highly respected. When it comes to his profession, his family always come first. He used to say that he studied medicine because he is aware of what our family health history is, and it is so difficult when you do not have enough money. Another reason why he chose to work for government hospitals. He said financial gains from Medical practice is not satisfying, but rather it is the chance to help those in need.

I had my own share when it comes to stories on how he touched our lives. It is sad that one person on my handy's emergency speed dial must be erased now, someone with a golden heart. I was trembling when I saw his name at Sanctuarium lobby. I was in tears. At the back of my mind, I was still hoping that the news was wrong, that he is still with us. But getting inside and reading through the list, there was his name:

Dr. Cesar Vilela Luna- 212 Hyacinth

Quoting what my other uncle doctor, Tito Doctor Teofilo Cantre said, "We were all doctors. Wife, daughters, brother, sisters in law, brothers in law, and cousins. But his condition was not something that Philippines medicine could cure. His illness was beyond human capacity. The ULTIMATE DOCTOR took him so He could heal him."

We may have felt a huge loss. It may be something so big that we will surely grieve on for a very long time. But we are happy as well, for the Ultimate Doctor has finally cured him. Eighteen years of having an artificial aortic valve. Months of only one kidney. Months under respiratory system. He tried to cure himself as well. Writing all his prescriptions for himself while breathing through the oxygen. Then Jesus came and offered Him the best cure and he submitted completely and now he is cured. Truly, only the Creator can give the best medicine. Only Jesus can heal. We are happy to know he is happy and cured at the Kingdom of our Lord.

Your mission on earth is done. You have touched a lot of lives, it shows on hundreds of people that had come and go on the first night of your wake. It was overwhelming to see how all the doctors and nurses respected and loved you. You will always be remembered and loved, Tito Cesar. Thank you for all the help and support. We will never forget you.

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