Friday, June 18, 2010

When the Mind Started to Wander Far and Wide

Two days ago, while I was so bored in a bus, I thought of something educational (for me) to do. The idea came to me when I saw this sign (not the actual photo, I was not fully equipped that night to capture the photo inside the bus, with me was only my calculator-like-cherry mobile phone and my old gen ipod nano) by the bus's door:

Then, I thought, "why not learn my German through the streets?" So, I tried to translate that to German. Here are some SUDDEN thoughts when I attempted to translate it inside the bus:

>> Keine Verk�ufer erlaubt!<< -- Okay, the noun used is correct, my boyfriend said it is "grammatically correct" but he didn't mentioned any other way for it to be correct.

And I just realized now the other way to put it into German language, I just don't know if this statement is grammatically correct:

>> Hier darf man nicht verkaufen!<< -- Can someone confirm if this is correct?

Having said that, I realized one thing: ICH MUSS AUF DEUTSCH DENKEN!

As much as I wanted to pursue the language as soon as possible, there are a lot of hindrances, such as:

1. Goethe's Saturday class for A2 will be on August till November (too long!).
2. Goethe's MWF class was finished and the next one will begin on July 5, BUT! The class will be in the afternoon, at 1pm (I can't join them for an obvious reason: I HAVE WORK!)
3. Berlitz conversational class would only be for beginners, and the class is not yet formed, there are not enough students! They offer me one-on-one classes, but I am after the conversational learning in a bigger group! My boyfriend can give me that one-on-one session on Skype everyday!
4. No other language schools (paging Bridge and ACFL!) have replied to me again.

So, when no other option come in handy, I will be forced to enroll for August classes again, never mind if it's taking long for 2.1, I'll start the 2.2 immediately on October or November and 2.3 by January. I just wish that the instructor for Saturday classes will be not my instructor in 1.3 ...


stine1 said...

>> Hier darf man nicht verkaufen!<< is grammatical correct, but we would not use it.

If such a sign was standing in Germany, there would probably be something wirtten on it like "Kein Verkauf gestattet/erlaubt"

kleine anne said...

ahhhh... danke! ^_^ so my first statement that i told my boyfriend is correct?

i really need to enroll to further my knowledge of your language...