Thursday, June 24, 2010

think am really getting old

This afternoon, I boarded a bus on my way to the office. Recently, I have been enjoying more the long drive rather than the faster way to get to Makati. So there, I seated at the farthest seat of the bus when I heard somebody called me: “Ate Cy!” Two seats away from me, I saw her, Cheche. I am not sure though if she’s still called with that name, for I had been using that name when she was still in grade school, and now, she’s also working. When she got off from the bus at the MRT station, it made me realize a thing: “am I really that old now?” Cheche is such a beautiful, working young lady, when the last time we had talked, she was in grade school and I was a sophomore I think, sixth grade to be exact, and told me they were moving to Manila for good. Not only her, last Holy Week, my cousin introduced someone to me: Rose Anne. She is now a college student! How time flies, she was that little, crybaby in Kindergarten before, and now she’s… a college student?!?!


Not only people made me think I am growing old, but another one is this invasion of jejemons that makes me puke. One of my nieces usually write this way when she leaves comments on my Facebook photos or wall, and I actually told her to never use that style ever again, because if she does, UST would not accept her as Com Arts student 3 years from now, nor would Texas accept her if she wants to live with Tita Thel. I think I am old for all stuffs that young people enjoy, mainly the jeje-speak.


So, am I really getting old?


Princess Ody said...

OMG! College na si Mama Mary?! (Okay, we probably shouldn't have called her that in the first place) Nakilala ka niya? I wonder if she still remembers me, inaakay ko pa yan dati minsan sa school. Haha!

kleine anne said...

di na nya ko maalala, pati si aljon di na ko kilala... haha! yup, college na sya/ sila...