Friday, June 25, 2010

Fußball is getting better and better

…and now, am competing against my senior engineer with the predictor game. Funny, the guys at Germany are so happy to know me and my senior engineer are so addicted to soccer… I hope I win against him, hahaha!

sana 1-10 din lang ako

Kasi ayun ang senior engineer ko, out na at tumatakbo na puntang Greenbelt para manood ng World Cup, habang ako ay naghihintay pa ng oras para matapos ang shift ko… Inggit ako!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

and that's his concept of "fresh movie ideas"

i was surprised to see this on the website that my bf gave me this evening. i love pocahontas... and i still do! and now, avatar shows resemblance to pocahontas?!?! interesting!

think am really getting old

This afternoon, I boarded a bus on my way to the office. Recently, I have been enjoying more the long drive rather than the faster way to get to Makati. So there, I seated at the farthest seat of the bus when I heard somebody called me: “Ate Cy!” Two seats away from me, I saw her, Cheche. I am not sure though if she’s still called with that name, for I had been using that name when she was still in grade school, and now, she’s also working. When she got off from the bus at the MRT station, it made me realize a thing: “am I really that old now?” Cheche is such a beautiful, working young lady, when the last time we had talked, she was in grade school and I was a sophomore I think, sixth grade to be exact, and told me they were moving to Manila for good. Not only her, last Holy Week, my cousin introduced someone to me: Rose Anne. She is now a college student! How time flies, she was that little, crybaby in Kindergarten before, and now she’s… a college student?!?!


Not only people made me think I am growing old, but another one is this invasion of jejemons that makes me puke. One of my nieces usually write this way when she leaves comments on my Facebook photos or wall, and I actually told her to never use that style ever again, because if she does, UST would not accept her as Com Arts student 3 years from now, nor would Texas accept her if she wants to live with Tita Thel. I think I am old for all stuffs that young people enjoy, mainly the jeje-speak.


So, am I really getting old?

pag bigla na lang kinagat ng katam-

Mula nung Lunes, tamad na tamad ako, Well, may rason naman
nung mga nagdaang 3 araw kung bakit: sa di malamang kadahilanan, hinahapo ako
sa loob ng 3 araw. Hapo na matutulad ko sa mga pinagdadaanan ko nung 2 taon pa
lang ako, di makahinga at masakit ang dibdib. As a brief background, opo, may
sakit ako sa puso. Pero sabi sa akin nung 12 taon na ko, okay na ko, wala na
dapat ipangamba. Pero, bakit ngayon, after 15 years, nararamdaman ko na naman
ang mga sintomas na pinaka-ayoko.
Kaya, takot man ako,
kelangan ko na namang pumunta sa klinika ng cardiologist sa Sabado. Anyway,
tama na ang usapan tungkol sa puso ko, kasi natatakot na naman ako. Ngayon
naman, tamad pa din ako, pagkat inaantok ako dahil sa gamot na ininom ko para
sa sakit ng ngipin. Opo, pangalawang reklamo ko ang ngipin ko. Oh well,
kasalanan ko naman ito.
Sabi ng dentist ko, suotin ang
retainers NANG WALANG PALYA sa loob ng 3 buwan tapos ay check up ako ulit, pero
1 linggo ko lang sinuot ang retainers at tinambak na sa loob ng 2 buwan. At
naalala ko na next week, check up ko na naman, kaya ngayong umaga ay sinuot ko
na ulit ito, pag napapansin ko na nagsusungki na naman ang mga ngipin ko, at
VOILA! Nagsungki nga sila, pagkat dati naman ay di masakit pag sinusuot ko ang
retainers, pero ngayon ay sobra sa sakit na wala na kong ganang magtrabaho, at
gusto ko na lang ay humiga at matulog para makalimutan ang lahat ng sakit na
ito. Tapos tinext ko ang dentista ko at umamin na di ko sinuot ang retainers ko
at ngayon ay sobrang sakit at parang sumungki na naman ang upper at lower teeth
ko. Ang naiisip nyang solusyon: IBALIK ANG BRACKETS KO!


Sana Byernes na, pagod na pagod na kasi ako para sa linggong
ito. At higit sa lahat, sana
March 2011 na, pagod na pagod na kasi ako sa trabahong ito. Feeling ko nabobobo
na ko dito, masasabi ko na wrong move ata ang pag-alis ko ng Hitachi. Financially, oo, naging okay ako dito:
ipod, cam, 3 cellphone, sofa, queen-size bed, bahay at lupa – lahat yan
nabili ko dahil sa paglipat ko dito sa trabaho ko. Pero napatunayan ko na di
lang lahat ng pagttrabaho ay dahil gusto kong kumita ng malaki. Kelangan ko ng
trabaho na masaya talaga ko at gusto ko ang ginagawa, di yung tipong uupo lang
ako buong araw kausap ang laptop.
Oo, mahal ko ang wikang
Aleman, pero di ang ganitong uri ng trabaho para magamit ko ang wikang Aleman. Sana
March 2011 na, para malaya na ko.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ride Far, Ride Free...

... but sadly, even the nearest destination has a corresponding fare!

Anyway, just want to share the random things I wrote in my companion notebook for the last two days...

*I realized that I need that book called "1001 Pitfalls in German". That book that I kept on ignoring at Powerbooks! Jetzt, habe ich neuen Grund zur (nach?) Powerbooks bald besuchen!

*Germany left me so disappointed yesterday! Was passiert DE?

*What's happening to the environment? Last night, I saw LANZONES and DALANDAN (seasonal fruits in the Philippines, which normally are for October and December respectively) along the sidewalks of MUNOZ MARKET.

*DXL774, Greenstar Bus, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BUS AND FIX WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! Smoke belcher to the nth power!!! - I'm serious on this one. Who should I call to report smoke belchers?

Friday, June 18, 2010

When the Mind Started to Wander Far and Wide

Two days ago, while I was so bored in a bus, I thought of something educational (for me) to do. The idea came to me when I saw this sign (not the actual photo, I was not fully equipped that night to capture the photo inside the bus, with me was only my calculator-like-cherry mobile phone and my old gen ipod nano) by the bus's door:

Then, I thought, "why not learn my German through the streets?" So, I tried to translate that to German. Here are some SUDDEN thoughts when I attempted to translate it inside the bus:

>> Keine Verk�ufer erlaubt!<< -- Okay, the noun used is correct, my boyfriend said it is "grammatically correct" but he didn't mentioned any other way for it to be correct.

And I just realized now the other way to put it into German language, I just don't know if this statement is grammatically correct:

>> Hier darf man nicht verkaufen!<< -- Can someone confirm if this is correct?

Having said that, I realized one thing: ICH MUSS AUF DEUTSCH DENKEN!

As much as I wanted to pursue the language as soon as possible, there are a lot of hindrances, such as:

1. Goethe's Saturday class for A2 will be on August till November (too long!).
2. Goethe's MWF class was finished and the next one will begin on July 5, BUT! The class will be in the afternoon, at 1pm (I can't join them for an obvious reason: I HAVE WORK!)
3. Berlitz conversational class would only be for beginners, and the class is not yet formed, there are not enough students! They offer me one-on-one classes, but I am after the conversational learning in a bigger group! My boyfriend can give me that one-on-one session on Skype everyday!
4. No other language schools (paging Bridge and ACFL!) have replied to me again.

So, when no other option come in handy, I will be forced to enroll for August classes again, never mind if it's taking long for 2.1, I'll start the 2.2 immediately on October or November and 2.3 by January. I just wish that the instructor for Saturday classes will be not my instructor in 1.3 ...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

why do the most important ideas pops at the most unexpected time?

...which leaves me now with nothing to write again.This afternoon, I was filled with thoughts, but sadly, all my blogs are not allowed at work, so I just conditioned myself and said "later, you can write it all." But the result was not how I expected it to be... I cannot remember the reason why I wanted to blog in the first place...

... I just hope that the games tonight at the World Cup would be towards me... Rupert is someone to beat at this time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

life has been good to me after all

these past few days i felt so depressed and almost gave up... i even chose not to report for work for days, i got sick by simply thinking on what's been going on in my life... it was not that easy... funny i even thought of resigning for good... but then i realized, it won't help me... so now, am going back to work... pick up the pieces and go on...

thanks to my love for always being there to help me out in my life... without his help, i don't know where i am now... am so glad i met him in my life...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

trying to get back on track

i was thinking of changing this site totally into our site... but then, there would be a lot of changes to be done... so i decided to create a different one...

so there! the link to our site is:

of course, it's still under construction so expect very little things in there...

till next time!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

how would i write my resignation?

Dear Mr.____,

This is not yet formal though, I just want to ask some thing that could help me come up with the decision. We are all aware about my 2-year contract with you, however, in the recent days, I noticed my work load is becoming less and less. I am wondering maybe, you are already considering an early termination of my contract? You don't have to worry, I will be fine with that. No hurtful feelings. All I want to ask as a favor from you relating to this early termination is to write a letter (an email will do) to my immediate manager here, Ms._________, and inform her that you want to reduce the number of your representative here in my country. And also please include that whatever amount is left unpaid due to this early termination of my contract, will be waived (I think this is normal, for I will be terminated, not a voluntary resignation, though in a way is the same because I am asking for this early termination right now) and that my service will only be good until the end of this Fiscal year.

However, if you do not want this idea of mine and you are thinking of sending me back for training, I suggest that you scrap that idea now. It is because I will be tendering my formal resignation effective January 2011. Everything will only be a waste of time, I think.

Please do not think that I am not happy working with you. I am happy that I had an opportunity to work with you and the team. I came up with this decision, not only because of deteriorating number of work load, but also because I am missing my old life, my real career. I miss working with the beakers, test tubes, flasks, bunsen burners, HPLC, GC, IR, UV-Vis, Moisture equipment. I miss doing assays, protein synthesis, elemental analysis, chromatography, quality control, quality assurance protocols. I miss creating laboratory reports to be sent to various companies and government sectors. I miss the real life of a chemist. Paper works are enough for me. This is not the world I studied to work in my whole life.

I am hoping for your understanding and support.


your stubborn employee

*will he grant my request? will i be freed earlier than planned? will a typical german understand my use of english words or should i change it to sound more pleasing and convincing?&nbsp;

i really suck writing resignation letters!*

Monday, June 7, 2010

think first before you speak

best lesson i have learned the hard way... i always have that tendency to speak what's on my mind when i am irritated, mad, angry, excited, and any other extreme emotions... the last time was yesterday... that one line that changed everything in my life... one line that brought karma into me...

i should have think first before i said anything yesterday, no matter how mad i was... and now, damage had been done... i cannot get back the words said... the hurtful words uttered... the promises made... i just ruined everything...

i wish there's still  a way to mend the wounds made by my sharp words...

i wish there's still a chance to change the promises made and create a more humane, and happy one...

i never really want to be alone... maybe yesterday i was, but not for the rest of my life...

i wish i can still correct all the wrong things and words i've said...

but i think everything's too late...

... and i just feel so wasted that it makes me so sick...

i am hoping for my own fairy tale...

i was checking on the latest posts by my blogger friends till i got to bianx's (naks! close?)  latest post. while reading it, i told myself, wow! "sakto!"

i myself is in a long distance relationship for 1 year and 5 months now to be exact... i thought everything is going on smoothly between us... till just recently, we were hit by a terrible test of love... as his date of vacation approaches, i too have mixed emotions... excitement... happiness... fear... fear that lead to something he never expected, which i myself didn't expect from myself as well...

i had petty fight with my mom this weekend, which ended with my sudden outburst of "i don't want to go to Germany! nor to any country in particular!" mom was shocked, and me as well. she asked if there is problem between me and U, i said no, the only reason is her. being an only child, i think it is normal that we fear of losing our parents... i have that fear, that if i go and settle in Germany, i'm afraid that i will never ever see her again... see, my reason for not wanting to leave Philippines is because of mom, not because of my love for U...

but i know at the back of his mind, after hearing this sudden decision, he's thinking that i don't love him anymore... i do love him... i do want to wake every morning beside him... i do want to patch this distance between and be just right at his side... i miss him a lot, that's for sure... but i am not sure if i am all ready to turn my back and join him and make my own family in germany...

now, i don't know what to do... i am standing by a single strand balancing between my mom and U... each day is dragging and it's making it harder and harder for me... but i don't want to let go any of them... i have imagined my life with U... but with mom's own fears, i only keep on holding back... i cannot think of moving forward, i am so afraid myself...

i wish i could have my own fairy tale... i wish that like pat and pepel, we can also make it through and be able to establish our own family... i wish i could have the strength and the courage to do so...

i love them both... and it's just so hard to choose...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

what happened in a week deserves a place here...

here's a summary of what had transcend the whole week, which i think, each deserve an individual blog, but i feel lazy to write one...

1. my best friend would be coming back home from the Caribbean! Cayman Island to be exact... do i smell lotsa party at Lipa City again?!?!

2. we are still grieving for the lost of a good friend... and i kinda wonder now how life would be for us in the theater...

3. the employees' turn over in our team is alarming! resignation letters come one after the other... latest one: a good friend of mine, a chemist as well.. and she's barely 6 months with us... so sad...

4. it's june, and the rainy season had already begun... goodbye Mr. Sun, hello wonderful rain... though i hate it when it suddenly pours while i'm waiting for my ride to work, i look so "kaawa" even if my day has barely started...

5. kinda wondering as early as now how i am gonna start my life in Germany... time moves fast, it's catching up on me, am afraid i might not yet ready when it hits me... can you please slow down a bit?
6. i saw the price of Hyundai Getz from my uncle... it kinda tempts me, less than half a million in the philippines for a brand new one? and of course, cheaper at Amazon... not bad for a first car, and i so love its colors! but i need to learn how to drive first... ;-)
7. the dream of having an SLR is still alive! i'm really dying to have one... but of course, my uncle adviced me to get the car first before anything else... hmmm, are you willing to buy that for me, uncle? i promise, i'll pay you when i get the money... *wink*wink*
8. told everyone, including my boyfriend, that i'm gonna do some self-learning of the German language (Niveau A2) but up to this time, I have not yet started with my copy of Lagune Kursbuch 2 and Lagune Arbeitsbuch 2... now this makes me feel guilty...
9. and i noticed i am somewhat enjoying this Amazon thingy on my blog! hahaha!
10. and to just complete the number up to 10 (i don't want incomplete numbers!) i wonder why my facebook won't start again on me... :'(