Friday, May 14, 2010

Philippine Fruit You'd Surely LOVE!

It has been 16 years since i last saw and ate this fruit. I remember in 4th grade,we get these from the tree at the convent.

I call it Philippine apple,but of course it is not. I missed it so much! Thanks to my couz for bringing me these from their backyard.

Makopa, anyone?


jojo said...

thanks for the memories. last time i had one of those was 10 years ago... if you know how it is called in english, id be delighted to know.

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The Dream said...

ohh it must be delicious hehehe
have a good look

kleine anne said...

@jojo, i'd research on that, hehe, i don't know the english term as well.

@thedream, yeah, it tastes good! not too sweet nor sour, just the right blend...

Anonymous said...

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