Monday, May 10, 2010

it's so much fun!

i never expected this election to be so much fun. despite the failure found on the last days before the election, the automated election was still a success. it was difficult, but as the day went by, naayos naman lahat. though some places encountered last minute failures with the PCOS machine, and some have to stay for 5 hours falling in line just to cast their votes, the wait was all worth it. here are some funny wits taken from this recently concluded election, truly, filipinos can find ways to laugh despite all the mishaps:

1. @PCOSmachine created a twitter account! better check him out, he's so funny, i mean, it is so funny, machine nga pala sya, not a human.
2. together with @PCOSmachine is @cfcard, and PCOS is blaming cfcard for all the failures, ang kulet lang!
3. funny tag line I read from my cousin's first hand experience: "san ga nagpapalagay ng INCREDIBLE INK?".. turned out that this old lady at San Jose have a counterpart at Lipa, a guy, as mentioned by a friend naman...
4. together with this INCREDIBLE INK, another voter said it this way: "san ga ang naglalagay ng EDIBLE INK". so, after being "incredible hulk" it became something edible..

but @PCOSmachine topped it all... too bad, twitter seems to be hacked by some turkish guy as of this writing, so I cannot follow @PCOSmachine yet... :'(

tomorrow probably is a complete tally of votes. i just hope this would really be for the best of the country. sadly, none of the people I voted for the National election came out yet, except for Bongbong and Recto.


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