Thursday, May 27, 2010

ich bin Goethe geprüft!

…says the shirt that I got from Goethe Institut this afternoon. As per my teacher in 1.2, that shirt is given to those who passed the exam with flying colors. And yes, the wait is over, I got my certificate, I can apply for Visum anytime, I PASSED THE START DEUTSCH 1 exam!


But I cannot apply yet, I still have contract with my company. I need to finish this contract first before I step forward. With this certificate at my hand, other things started to pile on my mind. There is the feeling of fear and excitement. Fear that I will not survive in Germany. Fear that I will be leaving the things I get used to behind and excitement that I will be treading a path totally new for me. I just hope all will go well with me and my family.


I love the weather today. The sun is up, but it’s not scorching hot. I was able to walk around Salcedo Village without opening my umbrella. The wind seems cool at my skin. I can smell the coming of rainy days. And the weather is as beautiful as the news that I got from Goethe Institut.


Ich bin Goethe geprüft!!! ^_^

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