Thursday, April 8, 2010

When You Are Left Without a Choice

For days, waking up and heading to the office seems to be a very difficult task for me. I always end up dragging myself out of bed and head for a bath. I have lost all my interests and motivation on this job. This all started after that meeting wherein I was left without any choice, of being a QMS representative. I remember back in HGST, I did the same thing, but unlike here, all my co-engineers work on their own documents, and have it controlled by themselves, but here, its surprising that all because we were assigned as QMS, they delegated everything on us. This is just crazy! As far as I know, if you have initiated one document, its your responsibility to have it updated when needed and re-apply for control at DCC. I hate it when I write articles/ documents and the name at the end isnt my name. I mean, give credit to whoever it is due! On that article, my names only as a proofreader, NOT AS A CREATOR! You are old enough to know the meaning and corresponding actions when you use the word CREATOR right next to your name! And to add to that, why not practice Lean Management? Since you managed to upload the changes in intranet, why didnt you have that document updated AT THE SAME TIME!?! Its waste of time you know? I guess you need to enroll yourself to Lean Management program.

Okay, I feel better now. Enough of the rants for me.

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