Thursday, April 29, 2010

For You, A Thousand Times Over

Hosseini succeeded on whatever he had on his mind when he wrote this great book. I may be tagged as a “late bloomer” for only being able to read this book just now, but I don’t think it has something to do with the time one reads this. And after reading this, I will definitely read this over and over again.

Set in the old Afghanistan, it clearly pictured how beautiful the country of Afghanistan was, and how happy people are. I had a little immersion on the lives of our Muslims brethrens, and how some does not really live up based on the Koran, but are living according to what they know is right and just. I guess that’s the best thing in the world. Regardless of what religion one has, the important thing is that everyone understands and knows the difference between right and wrong. Frequent bows for prayer are not everything. To be the best person, one must learn how to humble himself, regardless of the statute, regardless of the ancestry. The Lord (Allah for some, or Jehovah, or Yahweh) had created us all equally, and gave this world as a gift for us to live in. If people know how to humble themselves, then peace is never far behind. Thanks to this book, it opened a lot of truths to me. It helped me see more beyond these wars. If given a chance, I would want to see Afghanistan, back to its old glory, back to the old Afghanistan before the Russians came and set off the first canon ball.

It kinda overwhelmed me and filled my senses with a lot of imaginations. I never thought nor imagined that Afghanistan used to be a paradise for some, until Russians came and called for war. I never thought that there are people who, for once were heroes, and then turned out to be persecutors at the end. I'm afraid and at the same time curious on what Philippines would be in the future, Mindanao in particular. This crazy war are just senseless, and useless. All people just wants peace. I just could not understand how some people can keep their ears deaf from all the cries of babies born in the middle of war, who would grow up orphaned. Or kids whose fathers were killed while they were busy climbing the trees. The haven that most people used to enjoy had turned to dusts. It's sad, but the reality is right here, in front of us.

It is sad that out there, some of our brothers are still engaged in this endless battle. No one knows when this would probably stop, or what can put these wars to an end. How I wish, and pray, that these wars would end, and peace would reign in this wonderful world again.

I’d definitely read this book over and over again. And I wish every time I turn the pages of this book, openness and peace would come out and embrace us all. If only it is possible, I would definitely turn the pages over and over million times.

To our brothers and sisters who are victims and prisoners of this endless war, my prayers and thoughts are always with you. I’ll pray and wish for peace for you and for the whole world. Like Hassan’s message to Amir:

For you, a thousand times over!

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