Thursday, April 29, 2010

For You, A Thousand Times Over

Hosseini succeeded on whatever he had on his mind when he wrote this great book. I may be tagged as a “late bloomer” for only being able to read this book just now, but I don’t think it has something to do with the time one reads this. And after reading this, I will definitely read this over and over again.

Set in the old Afghanistan, it clearly pictured how beautiful the country of Afghanistan was, and how happy people are. I had a little immersion on the lives of our Muslims brethrens, and how some does not really live up based on the Koran, but are living according to what they know is right and just. I guess that’s the best thing in the world. Regardless of what religion one has, the important thing is that everyone understands and knows the difference between right and wrong. Frequent bows for prayer are not everything. To be the best person, one must learn how to humble himself, regardless of the statute, regardless of the ancestry. The Lord (Allah for some, or Jehovah, or Yahweh) had created us all equally, and gave this world as a gift for us to live in. If people know how to humble themselves, then peace is never far behind. Thanks to this book, it opened a lot of truths to me. It helped me see more beyond these wars. If given a chance, I would want to see Afghanistan, back to its old glory, back to the old Afghanistan before the Russians came and set off the first canon ball.

It kinda overwhelmed me and filled my senses with a lot of imaginations. I never thought nor imagined that Afghanistan used to be a paradise for some, until Russians came and called for war. I never thought that there are people who, for once were heroes, and then turned out to be persecutors at the end. I'm afraid and at the same time curious on what Philippines would be in the future, Mindanao in particular. This crazy war are just senseless, and useless. All people just wants peace. I just could not understand how some people can keep their ears deaf from all the cries of babies born in the middle of war, who would grow up orphaned. Or kids whose fathers were killed while they were busy climbing the trees. The haven that most people used to enjoy had turned to dusts. It's sad, but the reality is right here, in front of us.

It is sad that out there, some of our brothers are still engaged in this endless battle. No one knows when this would probably stop, or what can put these wars to an end. How I wish, and pray, that these wars would end, and peace would reign in this wonderful world again.

I’d definitely read this book over and over again. And I wish every time I turn the pages of this book, openness and peace would come out and embrace us all. If only it is possible, I would definitely turn the pages over and over million times.

To our brothers and sisters who are victims and prisoners of this endless war, my prayers and thoughts are always with you. I’ll pray and wish for peace for you and for the whole world. Like Hassan’s message to Amir:

For you, a thousand times over!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i never thought i missed you so badly

thought i heard you knocking by my window...
or was it a pebble to catch my attention...
i immediately leaped and run to see you...
and smile as i see thy hair flow...

i smiled as i watch people along the streets
walking through you and smile
bet it's not only i who missed you
but there are millions of us that do...

how i wish you'd stay longer
pamper me with sweet sound of you
as you trickle down and sing me songs
to lay me down to sweet slumber...

how i wish i can feel you more
with the cold air touching me
giving me the joy and relaxation
that i have missed for so long...

oh my dear rain, please stay
pour down and water these poor souls
let us be free from all the heat and pain
let us be able to dance with you again...

-me talking to the first drops of rain of Summer-

books... books and more books!

I love books. I find happiness reading them. I feel more like myself when I am surrounded with books, regardless of their themes, or who wrote them. Books are my life. If given a chance, I want to work in a bookstore; there I would be surrounded by books most of my time. I would then be in heaven.


Despite numerous of unread books at home, I always cannot go out of Powerbooks store without any book at hand, even if the main reason I went inside is to check on their latest book acquisition. And leaving the store is the hardest part of all. For all the books I so dream of having are all there.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Want to Go Back to School!

Here I go again with a lot of things I wanna do in my life. Latest want: Masters in Human Resource Management!


I checked on the website of UST regarding this curriculum, however, there is this certain prerequisite subjects that I did not have during my college days even if I am from UST as well. These subjects are only given at Faculty of Arts and Letters, I think. So that’s the only thing that is hindering me to pursue it, for I do not have ample time to attend these classes with regular students of AB… I wonder if this curriculum can be taken at any VHS (Volkshochschule) in Germany, however, I also want to take Germanistic Studies.


So many things I want to do. I just don’t know which way to go. L

Saturday, April 24, 2010

schlechtest Wochenende

i hate this weekend... i dunno what made me feel such, could it be this hot weather? or there really is some reason to be pissed off to the nth level.

i have to drive to batangas tomorrow after conditioning my mind that i won't be traveling this week. i got all plans set for tomorrow, now all has gone to waste.

another thing is that i feel like i'm always last on his list. and it feels so bad... :'(

Friday, April 23, 2010

when all i can do is dream...

even if i still got 10 months and 29 days to go before my contract ends, i'm already dreaming of that day when i am out of my contract for real, strolling along the streets of Biebergemünd, flying to Köln and Berlin...  go visit princess ody at Wien... so many things in mind, yet, the time is so far away... for before i can do all those stuff, i need to be out of my bond first, and of course, carry a certification that i can actually understand their language, granted they'll speak slow, (and when i say slow that means sssssssssslllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwww).

but even if i dream alot for those days in Deutschland, i still get overwhelmed when job starts to pile in front of me. i dunno, i'm not a workaholic type of person, in fact, i'm all set to leave the office right on the dot, and i hate working on weekends. but when they put a lot of work in front of me (but spare me from 20-page or more of German reports PLEASE!), i get excited to work, and i would always want to start on it fast. why did i say this thing here? it's because i just came from a meeting with my fellow QMS, and despite all my rants in the past about being part of this team, i felt excited seeing the time table of what we should accomplish this fiscal year until next year. only when i was back at my station and checked on the details and i remembered it all again. next year, i might be gone... how will all these progress? i feel guilty that i might leave myra alone on this project... and i have thought, i should have not volunteered to be a part of the team that could understand what i really want to do in my life, in my career.

so many things i want to do and places i want to be at... i wish i can get all these things done in time... it feels much much better to see all my dreams become reality...

okay, seems like my blog is going nowhere... i'm losing my thoughts, my writings seems to be not coherent anymore... please bear with me...

einen lustigen Kaufen

Ich bin so früh heute, so ich gehe erst zu Booksale, ein Buchladen mit gutes Angebot. Ich suche für Dean Koontz Buch „From the Corner of His Eye“ aber sie haben es nicht. Was finde ich dort ist andere. In ein Bücherbrett für Kinder, ich finde das (sehe das Foto). Ich hab nicht voll Titel in Foto weil dass wo die lustige Teil ist.

Während bin ich in Buchladen, ich denke so oft was das letztes Wort meint. Aber mein Zeit ist nicht so viel, so habe ich das gekauft (es ist so selten, dass ich ein Deutsch Buch finde hier) und zum Zug laufe ich (noch mein Gedanke in Buch Titel).

Bei MRT, ich sitze und lese, dann lache ich. Endlich, ich erriner mich was das Wort meint! Danke für das Foto am Seit 40,5 (zwischen Seit 40 und 41), ich erriner mich mein Vokabel.

I do have a VERY POOR GERMAN VOCABULARY! And it gave me an endless laugh for getting this book that I don’t think I would need all my life, not even if I make a career change in the near future.

Curious what I had bought?

Die Buchtitel ist:   Versteh Dein Pferd (Understanding your Horse)

Another fail experience for me. O_o

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

am supposed to be asleep by now

but am not... am still wide awake at 2:36 in the morning... the sleepy feeling is here, but i chose not to close my eyes... not yet... maybe in 10 minutes or so...

it's been a while since i last wrote here... but it doesn't matter, for nothing significant happened in the past few days... only, the chance of U coming around slid a little further back due to volcanic eruption at iceland, but it's starting to slide forward today again having heard that some airports already opened...

went with my family last saturday for a swim somewhere at san pablo city... of course, it's still at bato springs resort... but i didn't enjoy it... the water was so cold, freezing cold for me, and the maintenance was way too poor now compared to how it was years ago when we first discovered this hidden paradise... i just hope, well, desperately praying, that next year would be different, i hope we'd head to a different place next year... i am just not a real fan of bato springs resort, it's just good for my camera and nothing more...

11 months left and i would finally be free from my contract... i guess i don't have to feel sad if time runs so fast... it's an advantage anyway, march 22, 2011 comes to me faster than i have imagined...

by next month, i'll be taking my SD1 exam... reena took it last week, and she passed! well, according to her, it was "eigentlich einfach!" so maybe, keine Sorgen, i can make it as well... and that gave me a little confidence to take the exam next month... :-)

okay, time to hit the sack... or else, am going to be dead tired at the office later...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

searching for the best template

you're not lost, my dear friends. you are exactly at my site. some may have been wondering why i keep on changing the layout of my site. well, this is all for you as well. a good friend of mine (thanks, wheng! hope to read your blog soon as well...)told me that the past layout was painful to the eyes, so as soon as i got home, i searched for the best layout that will not strain your eyes, my dear readers, and at the same time, design that will speak on behalf of me. but my search was in vain. none exists yet that i can say is exactly me (but i think i used to have that layout before, but i seem to have lost it and i can't remember where to find it now. i'm pretty sure it was not from pyzam, i just don't know where to relocate it again.). and yes, my search is not yet over. maybe one of these days, you'll be surprised to see brand new layout again.

oh, how i wish someone great would give me as a gift one best layout that can describe the real me: abstract/ random, hues of blue, pink and white, nature-loving, musical, mysterious.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Do Time Runs so Fast???

It's Sunday night once again, tomorrow's start of another work week. I hate it. I want to stay more here at home. I feel much, much better when I am home, and only see the people I so love to see. The office is composed of both interesting and uninteresting people, and the ambiance is becoming boring...

Anyway, A2,1 is dissolved, I think. None of my former classmates are proceeding with the class, so this semester, it is possible that the level is out. I have decided, finally, to take the exam on the 24th of May. It is the best date, for it is holiday in Germany, then I do not need to hurry on my exams. I think God is giving me reasons to take the exams ASAP.

There are a lot of out-of-town plans, on Saturday is for my Uncle's birthday celebration, and on the 29th of May would be with my German class classmates. I am so excited. This is the kind of out of town I so love to join in, activity wherein the people I would go with are people I love to be with, people that I know, I would very much enjoy the company. I wish my days are filled with these people, day and night.

Friday, April 9, 2010

To Enroll or Not to Enroll in A2.1

The semester for A1.3 has finally ended. I finished the course with only 7 weeks attended out of the 12 weeks it ran. I feel like I wasted my money enrolling for that semester. Now, the question is, should I enroll for the next course, the second level (A2.1)? Im afraid I might not be able to attend all sessions again. It is mainly because the time is in the morning. It is difficult to wake up at 6 in the morning on Saturday, when you got home as late as 1am from work. I am thinking of doing it all by myself, since, thats how I coped up last semester, by self-study.

I wonder why dont they provide afternoon class on Saturday for someone like me.

Hooray to Great People Who Endured the Death March!

Today is Philippines' legal holiday, and it is called Day of Valor. It reminds us of World War II incident wherein all males of the country, at least all, I am not sure with the numbers though, marched all the way to Bataan. A lot died along the way, due to thirst and hunger and violent death through Japanese bayonets. It was hell, it seems like Filipinos were marching to hell, and women are watching parade of men dragged to their death. It was hell, it was sad, it was painful to see. Today, we reminisce and give credits to all their sufferings for the people of the country.

Wherever they may be, I'm sure they are all looking down on us with a smile. I just hope that the government would do their best to bring the country to the top again. It is the only way we can return the favors to our ancestors who fought for this freedom that we all experience.

Let us not only remember the courageous and the virtuous on this day. Let everyday be an offering to the great men of Bataan, and let it guide us to a better future as a DEMOCRATIC country.

ich bin ein bisschen frustriert...

Where am i heading my life to? I don’t know. Ich mag nicht mehr als Chemikerin als Ingenieurin ich mag nicht auch... ich mag als Journalistin, ABER, ich weiß nicht wie zu schreiben. I need some help, but I don´t know on which part of my life do I need the particular help. Everything just don´t fall into its right places.

I want to get away from this mysterious Wonderland. I´ve been sleeping for so long

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When You Are Left Without a Choice

For days, waking up and heading to the office seems to be a very difficult task for me. I always end up dragging myself out of bed and head for a bath. I have lost all my interests and motivation on this job. This all started after that meeting wherein I was left without any choice, of being a QMS representative. I remember back in HGST, I did the same thing, but unlike here, all my co-engineers work on their own documents, and have it controlled by themselves, but here, its surprising that all because we were assigned as QMS, they delegated everything on us. This is just crazy! As far as I know, if you have initiated one document, its your responsibility to have it updated when needed and re-apply for control at DCC. I hate it when I write articles/ documents and the name at the end isnt my name. I mean, give credit to whoever it is due! On that article, my names only as a proofreader, NOT AS A CREATOR! You are old enough to know the meaning and corresponding actions when you use the word CREATOR right next to your name! And to add to that, why not practice Lean Management? Since you managed to upload the changes in intranet, why didnt you have that document updated AT THE SAME TIME!?! Its waste of time you know? I guess you need to enroll yourself to Lean Management program.

Okay, I feel better now. Enough of the rants for me.

Monday, April 5, 2010

just passing by on Easter Monday

how long had it been since I had this site updated, i cannot remember. it isn't my home now, multiply had gone away from my life...

Happy Easter!

I'm back! and I was gone for how many days? 5or 6? Anyway, I pampered myself for stress-free days at our province. Though first two days were still stressful, but it was fun! For the second time, I portrayed one important role in our annual Holy Week play. But sadly, I failed this year. Eventhough the result was not to my liking, I did had fun seeing old faces and meeting new faces. Indeed, Teatrong Kumot had been my second family. I missed them. I missed the old times, I missed the people. It seems like decades since we last laughed and shared stories. Some have gone to other countries, but it's heart warming to know that they still do remember us, and did their best to wake (even if it is kinda late at their side) and give us a call and send their good luck. I am not sure, but maybe this is the last year I will be portraying a role, and be with them physically. Soon, I will be like the others, felt only in spirit, for I will also be out of the country soon. Even if it's still a long way ahead, maybe a year away before it happens, I am already missing them. It may be sad for me, and for others I had been so close with, but life goes on. People do come and go. For 10 years, I am the one left behind by people I get to be so close with in the theater, soon, it will be my time to go. But even if I will be miles away from these people I grew up and valued most of my life, they will always be remembered and loved.

Teatro Kumot will always be a family to me.

For photos of our past presentation, click this link:
Album 1

and to know more about our group, visit this link:
Teatrong Kumot