Saturday, March 27, 2010

time for some reflection

last week, we were hit by a 6.1 earthquake, while we were on the 32nd floor of our building. it was indeed terrifying. i mean, i had been trained since grade school on what to do in case of fire, but in case of earthquake, that's the most frightening thing for my seat, you can hear the glass shaking and seems like it'll break anytime, the posters and the blinds were swaying really endless, my office chair DID moved. my heart's skipping a beat, i knew that time i am going to have nervous breakdown at any minute. but i have to look calm, for i am part of the ERT, and number one on the list to do is DO NOT PANIC (but at the back of my mind, i want to run through that exit and evacuate). i can't remember what i kept on saying, i could not even remember if i did called on Him.

just few days ago, when it happened, and tomorrow's going to be Palm Sunday. the time when Jesus was welcomed warmly in Jericho, but executed afterwards. the day that marks the start of Holy Week. the day when we are all asked to repent and reflect. it is not a week to fly to great sands of Boracay or Palawan, or sail to Puerto Galera. it is more of a day to speak with the Lord, thank Him for our lives, for the food we eat, for the work we manage to have. ask for His forgiveness and repent with all our hearts. that is the true meaning of Holy Week, it is not mandated just to give us time to hit the beach, it never was. and it seems sad that young people of today seems to have forgotten that one.

i don't know how it looks like for others, but i believe, what happened to us last week was a wake up call. we all seems to forget God due to our busy lives, and unimportant things. i admit, i am guilty as well. i guess, it's time to turn back to God and reflect. He is just there, waiting and ready to hug us anytime.


Lifesinger™ said...

I agree. Now more than ever we need to know Yeshua (Jesus), His word, His Way, and walk (live) on the planet the way He would have us walk.

Yeshua told his disciples (and us) to "fear not", therefore, I tend to hold to the lighter side of things, but at the same time I am very aware of what is happening on our planet:

Just two days ago (03.27.10), we felt a quake here in Roswell, New Mexico. The 4.3 quake hit in Carlsbad, NM not too far from here, as far as I know it didn't do any damage, but it was felt.

What miraculous times we live in!

Blessings to you and your family.



kleine anne said...

Thank you. Same goes to you and your family as well as to all the people of New Mexico. The quake you had was the same with us here in Philippines last week.

Prayer is the strongest weapon we have as we face these unwanted events in our planet.