Saturday, March 13, 2010

thoughts and fears

  • in 9 days time, my countdown will be reduced to one year...
  • officially dumped that project (AWOL if that is a job requiring me to report everyday)
  • after doing so, i realized that this is not the kind of job for me... i do love writing, but i hate writing stuffs that i am not really interested at...
  • now am back to base one thinking of any way/ job to earn extra income...
  • am not sure if i am ready to take the Start Deutsch 1, though i had faired this morning in a sample exercise... we'll see on the mock exam next week
  • what would my life be at germany a year from now?
  • fear of unbelongingness when i get to germany
  • fear of not getting any job when i get there
  • fear of not meeting my mom's expectation about my life
  • fear of the unknown once i live in a strange land
  • fear that i will not meet U's expectations of me
are these still part of QLC? but am 26 now...

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