Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thanks but no thanks

This afternoon, I had a meeting with my senior engineer. I thought I was going to be reprimanded for not following the dress code for a week last week. To my surprise, it was not. It was about what my supervisor told me yesterday, of being a QMS Controller.

If I am in a manufacturing company, I might say yes right away, being a QMS is something. It adds to the beauty of a resume of an engineer / chemist/ physicist. However, this case was a little different. Knowing my team mates for quite a while now, I had to think twice about this thing. Actually, it was offered to me since day 1, but I always end up changing the topic. This time around, I was cornered, via an ambush meeting. The way my senior broke to me the news was quite funny, it's like leaving me without any choice. He laid in front of me all the tasks of a QMS controller, and the management who will be the contact outside of the team, and that the training would be on Monday. Then, he said, but all of these will only be if I will agree. I told him that there are I guess other documentation peeps who had been with the team for more than 2 years, but he cut me off that our manager thinks they are not meticulous enough and would be very critical comes the audit. And yes, the meeting ended up with me accepting the post.

Now, my mind's filled. A lot of things are playing in my mind. This is not something else that I can just turn my back anytime. Plus I will be working with Steve, that ex-pat that annoys me each day. I was left with no choice. I just hope that I can do this ALONE. Yes, I am alone in our team, and will be working with 4 managers and Ren, our admin assistant and my friend. Because of this new task, I was pressured to finish the 20 powerpoint presentations before the week ends. Once the training starts, I doubt that I will be having clear minds, and bet red marks on my to-do list would start to pile up again.

I wish I am back in the manufacturing. :'(

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