Sunday, March 14, 2010


i had always wanted to see Alice on 3D, but it's kinda sad naman if i'm alone... so i tagged my mom along, coz if i am to spend another 400 bucks, isn't it best to spend it and make mom experience IMAX as well? so there, i treated mom to a movie date.

i know Alice has been on for a week now, but i am never a fan of first day screenings, or their first week. i always wait for the second or third day of showing it, at least it isn't that crowded.

mom and i were too early, i had reserved for the 4pm screening, so we waited na lang by the IMAX lobby (at North Edsa). and yeah, i'm wearing my "JA!" shirt... my one and only red shirt... hehehe...

IMAX at north edsa is not bad, though i think IMAX MOA is wider... well, it's because of the space i guess... but it's okay, staffs are accomodating, and it's well maintained, except for one incident wherein i think 5 people were telling we were seated at the wrong seat (no only i plus the 4 individuals beside me, mom is safe with her seat), which is kinda weird, because yesterday, when i reserved the seats, these 4 people beside me were booked ahead, because if their not, i'd choose their seats (they got the best seats! middle talaga, but ours is not bad at all, mom enjoyed it). so there, the staff fixed the problem, i dunno where they were sent to sit, i care no more, hahaha!

okay, wrong place, the poster of johnny depp beehind us was not taken. and no time to re-take it. isipin mo na lang kita mo si johnny depp sa likod. :-)

i like the glasses at North Edsa though, that's mom, hehehe... i cannot turn on my flash, arrgh! why is it that everytime i am watching 3D, my flash would start to act crazy, this is the third time...

overall, i like the film, not totally classic story of Alice, and i love it. i just find Anne's make up made her look old. and mom loves it too, most specially the IMAX experience... and yes, she's asking me to treat her for more IMAX films... it's starting to get more expensive each time, huh?

anyway, it's all worth it, mom's smile after the film is priceless... :-)

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This is hilariously cute.