Monday, February 22, 2010

wish list

When I was a little kid, my dad brought me 2 hardbound books, which, only God knows where they are. They are two classic stories namely, Black Beauty and Alice in Wonderland. I was able to read the first chapter of Black Beauty, but since I was no fan of big and really thick books when I am in grade school, I simply put the books on the shelf, just for decoration, just to boast to visitors that I do read classics, and I want them in hard binds. Then, when I am all ready to read those books, they are gone! I dunno how it all happened, and it saddens me too much. Those prints were very rare and very expensive.
Enough for the off-topic introduction, those books just came into my mind because I am so much into reading again. Even if I still got lots of books piled at home, there are still lots of books I want to acquire, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Below, I will have my list of books I have finished reading, books I am currently reading (I do read simultaneously), books I have at home that are waiting to be read and books that I am dying to have. I just wish that the last list would soon move to the second list.
Books read in the last 5 years:
1.      Bob Ong Books (yes, all of them)
2.      My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult (currently with my cousin, Zyme)
3.      Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
4.      Clash of the Civilizations and Remaking of World Order
5.      Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck
6.      Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (adapted as The Golden Compass)
7.      The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman
8.      Who Moved My Cheese
9.      Door to December by Dean Koontz
10.     Voice of the Night by Dean Koontz
11.     Night Chills by Dean Koontz
12.     False Memory by Dean Koontz
13.     Mind to Murder by P.D. James
14.     Hundred Years of Solitude by G.G. Marquez
15.     To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
16.     The Old Man and the Sea
17.     The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (though I believe that book is not complete, so this still appears on my 4th list, still checking on the shelves of bookstores for other volumes)
Books I am currently reading:
1.      Culture Shock! Germany
2.      The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman (last in the series)
3.      Anna- Geschichten (borrowed from Goethe, by the way, not mine)
4.      Novembernacht by Christoph Wortberg (again borrowed from Goethe, great read indeed)
5.      Adventures of Alice in Wonderland 
Books waiting to be read:
1.      The Kite Runner
2.      Fruitcake (related to Eraserheads album Fruitcake)
3.      Das Verlorene Symbol (German edition of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown)
4.      Die Brooklyn Revue (German edition of The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster)
5.      Don Quixote
Books I want to have ASAP:
1.      Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
2.      Lyras Oxford (this is like the Hobbit to the series LOTR, this ones for Philip Pullmans Dark Materials, and I am wondering where can I get this one!)
3.      A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
4.      Classical Mythology: Myths, Legends and Fantasies (I only have the Hamilton edition)
5.      Clockwork Orange
6.      1984
7.      Arsene Lupin: A Gentleman Thief
8.      Little Prince
9.      Time Travelers Wife
10.     Animal Farm
11.     Huckleberry Finn
12.     Tom Sawyer
13.     The Secret Garden
14.     Cyrano de Bergerac (I remember using some parts of this in our Public Speaking class in High School)
15.     Pride and Prejudice
16.     Les Miserables
17.     Oliver Twist
18.     The Count of Monte Cristo
19.     Canterbury Tales (I have read this, I just want my own copy)
20.     Memoirs of a Geisha
21.     Nicholas Sparks books (ALL!)
22.     A Child Called It
23.     A Thousand Splendid Suns
24.     Lord of the Rings Trilogy
25.     The Hobbit
There are still some books that I find interesting that I want to read, but are really not top of my priority, most I must say, are more for teens/ young adults, just some light reading, but I fancy the classics more these days I might update these lists from time to time ;-)
How I wish Power Books do carry it all, then, I have no problem searching somewhere else, however, Im afraid they dont.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

amidst the stillness of the night

we drove home to batangas tonight since i got an early appointment with my dentist tomorrow...and it surprised me that, despite the summer heat at manila, it's as cold as december here at night... to prove that, here i am blogging while the whole neighborhood is fast asleep, for my allergies won't let me sleep. despite the difficult times with my allergy, i'm missing this kind of life...

i miss being awaken by the sound of people passing by,greeting everyone by first name, like we are one whole family. i miss waking up as late as 12noon without the need for an air conditioner even if it is peak of summer. i miss those times when all i need to do are eat, watch the tv, or listen to the radio while reading a good book, and if we wanted to, we can drive to the sea in less than an hour (but of course, minus the expectation of fabulous resorts such as bora, puerto or palawan,it's just a plain looking sea with black compact sand, but still, the view and the relaxation it gives is truly awesome!).

i wish i can do it all over again...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i missed this

gawd, i miss this! i really do, just to sit in front of my laptop and blog the night away... problem is, i can't do this often, not because i got no time, but because i got no more bright idea to write...

writer's block, they call it...

where are you now?

i had been hearing this song for so long, and i find it kinda funny, i mean, i didn't write this song, but it sure says a lot about my grade school and high school days (especially the part over the 5th grade crush)... it just makes me miss them more and more...

really, where are you now guys? i miss the good old days... :'(

Saturday, February 13, 2010

wo sind wir gehen?

the whole family are all gathered by the living room watching the finale of PBB, while am here in our room, with my ipod on my ears so that i won't hear what's going on with their most favorite show...

i have lost my interest on that show since the most interesting people were evicted one by one... only remaining interesting people are the love team of the year, and paul jake, however, i hate my family's comments over paul jake. i mean, why on earth is his wealth a big NO for them to win the grand prize?!?! i mean, PBB IS A REALITY SHOW, THAT IS NOT A CHARITY SHOW!

hearing them rant like this and that, i can't help but think, what more would they react on the REAL ELECTION?!?! nothing pleases them, except their bet, who is one great player (in this way, i can clearly picture the win of Villar or Aquino, great players in this real world of politics), rather than the one who have pure intention, and never bragged about where or who he really is or what he can do.

i like one forumer's comment, and i hope PBB team would do that next time, so that people thinking that this show is a charity show would benefit from it: LET PEOPLE WHO AUDITION BRING ITR!

oh well, where are we going, dear Filipinos? with the way you use your minds, where is Philippines directed to go? this is making me really sad...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

looking back to the past

sometimes, i wonder, if i have not done what i have done in the past, where would i be now? a lot to look back, and a lot to be thankful of... no regrets after all...

1. if i did not agreed on living with my auntie when i was small, would i be so in love with the provinces?
2. if i went to saint bridget's instead of canossa, who would be my group of friends?
3. if i chose not to go back to canossa after withdrawing my tuition in the thought i needed operation, who would be my closest friend now? would it be camille (the girl living by the next block who i usually go with going to UST)
4. if i chose not to follow mama, and took up what really interests me, where would i be now? would i be like kristel working for a newspaper or somewhere else?
5. then, if i did number 4, maybe, i would have not my heart broken like the last time...
6. but if that is so, then i would have not landed on this job of mine...
7. and if all these things happened in the past, i doubt i would ever meet U in my life...

and am so glad, all those things never happened... 'coz i am much more happy on where i am now... despite all the tears i cried, all the pains and all the miseries...

because after all those storms in life, i have found a very beautiful and lasting rainbow...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and i just think of you anywhere, anytime...

Vin Diesel = Uwe = L♥VE!!!

and i have just thought about it randomly... :-)