Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm So Excited!

Instead of working on the documents sent to me yesterday, I am procrastinating again. Ive spent half of my shift searching over the internet about the best deals for the month of April 2010. I know it is still far, but at least I can have an estimate of how much itll cost us going to Bohol, or Palawan, or simply at Puerto. And surprisingly, Bohol is way cheaper than Puerto, with all other interesting stuff to do, unlike going to Puerto wherein all we could do is swim, dive and snorkel. Since tarsiers are so popular in Germany, I have thought of showing him a real tarsier, face to face, eye to eye, not just like those shown on Germany TV ads (yes, theres an ad with a tarsier as the main cast, hahaha! I forgot the product though, schade!). Oh well, I just hope that he would also like the itinerary I have planned. =)

Do I sound so excited? Not really, just a little, hahaha! =)

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