Friday, December 18, 2009

all i want for christmas... for my birthday too!

Yes, it is just a few hours away before my birthday; same as the countdown that UST is doing now at Paskuhan 2009 to mark the countdown to the Quadricentennial event in 2011 (sigh! Wish I am there to witness the lighting of the Christmas tree and the traditional fireworks display, but no, Im at work)Anyway, going back to the countdown before my birthday, I guess this is the best time to look back to the 25th year of my life and list down the things I have to be thankful about:

1.      Despite what the world economy had gone through this year, I still have work (though I kinda find it boring at times, LOL!)

2.      A happy heart, (need I say more?) =) :-x

3.      A healthy body, well at least I only had flu one time, and me and my family were spared from that AH1N1 thingy

4.      My mom is healthy, though she got hospitalized twice (one for vertigo and latest was the allergy), but thank God it was not that worse, unlike last year with my father

5.      I got a little higher in my German language level (not complete though, I have just finished A1.2)

6.      So far we got no problem financially, I still got few new stuffs for myself (that are just wants and not really necessity, my Jet in the first place) and got my mom her needs

7.      I got my friends around: old friends I get to see again and new ones I get to meet along the way

8.      A new home is being built now for mom

9.      And a lot more small things that I get to experience this year.

As I start my journey on my 26th year on earth, I still have some other wishes too!

1.      I wish I could finish and PASS my German Language classes, and get more than 90% on the exam (so I can get that Ich bin Goethe Gepr├╝ft shirt, hahaha!)

2.      I hope U can really fly here this coming year, I miss him so much

3.      Quiet and peaceful election (wow! So patriotic wish! Hahaha!)

4.      A peaceful country

5.      Continuously healthy body for me and my family

6.      A work, at least until I get that SD1 Zertifikat and get to fly to Germany

7.      A Christmas at least on our new home, or at Germany (I am torn on this part)

8.      A quiet and happy family, away from intrigues and harm

9.      That my cousins get to be successful as well

10.     A Wii as a material wish (LOL!)

11.     I wish I will learn how to ride a bike (yes, I cant ride a bike! Huhuhuhuhu)

12.     After #11, learn how to drive

13.     A happy new year, with a happy heart always ^_^

Truly, men do not get satisfied And I am one of them

Three hours to go!

A Happy Birthday To Me!!! ^_^

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