Thursday, December 31, 2009

tigress power!

HAPPY 2010 TO ALL!!!

There are a lot of things to be grateful about for the year 2009, however, we always need to say goodbye to the old year. We are now by 2010, 2:20am of January 1, 2010 to be exact. It's exciting, at the same time frightening. But just how Fr. Jerry said over his sermon, "Que Sera Sera, What will be, will be", I am leaving everything to God. I just hope and pray that this year would be as fruitful and happy as the past year.

And as a tradition, me too, have some New Year's resolution, and I hope I can live it up this year:

1. I will not be overly sensitive on things, specially towards Mom.
2. I will  not be overly paranoid, rather, trust my other half whole-heartedly.
3. I will make sure I lose weight and get back to my old waist line (I won't mention it though ;))
4. I will always keep my motivation to work at high level.
5. Have ample time for my family.
6. Minimize sleeping hours from 10 to 8 hours, and do other important stuff instead.
7. I will work harder to provide good life for my mom.
8. I will finish A1 level and be able to take the SD1 exams this year.
9. Give time to my faith, by attending my regular Sunday mass.
10. Forget the painful past and travel light this year.

Tigers are known to be smart and strong. And having 2010 to be year of the tiger, I will do my best to have the same prowess like the tigers and make this new year as fruitful and meaningful as the past 2009.

Thank you, 2009 for all the blessings and happiness that was brought about after meeting U. Welcome 2010! I hope that this year would provide us more blessings and happiness as we start to travel lightly in life.

Thank you God for our life. Thank you for all my friends. Thank you for my family. Thank you for the gift of love.

May everyone be filled with LOVE, HOPE and PEACE this 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009

new year's wish

i will not write anything about new year's resolution, coz i am not always able to keep it up... instead, i will have new year celebrated like our eastern sisters and brothers, a birthday celebration for me... so every birthday of mine, i always have wishes...

and all i want is a little numbness for my heart... being too sensitive for the needs of other people is beginning to be too much for me...

they tend to be abusive... asking a lot from me, but i get nothing in return, especially on the times i needed them the most...

because in the end, it is always just me all alone...

Friday, December 18, 2009

all i want for christmas... for my birthday too!

Yes, it is just a few hours away before my birthday; same as the countdown that UST is doing now at Paskuhan 2009 to mark the countdown to the Quadricentennial event in 2011 (sigh! Wish I am there to witness the lighting of the Christmas tree and the traditional fireworks display, but no, Im at work)Anyway, going back to the countdown before my birthday, I guess this is the best time to look back to the 25th year of my life and list down the things I have to be thankful about:

1.      Despite what the world economy had gone through this year, I still have work (though I kinda find it boring at times, LOL!)

2.      A happy heart, (need I say more?) =) :-x

3.      A healthy body, well at least I only had flu one time, and me and my family were spared from that AH1N1 thingy

4.      My mom is healthy, though she got hospitalized twice (one for vertigo and latest was the allergy), but thank God it was not that worse, unlike last year with my father

5.      I got a little higher in my German language level (not complete though, I have just finished A1.2)

6.      So far we got no problem financially, I still got few new stuffs for myself (that are just wants and not really necessity, my Jet in the first place) and got my mom her needs

7.      I got my friends around: old friends I get to see again and new ones I get to meet along the way

8.      A new home is being built now for mom

9.      And a lot more small things that I get to experience this year.

As I start my journey on my 26th year on earth, I still have some other wishes too!

1.      I wish I could finish and PASS my German Language classes, and get more than 90% on the exam (so I can get that Ich bin Goethe Gepr├╝ft shirt, hahaha!)

2.      I hope U can really fly here this coming year, I miss him so much

3.      Quiet and peaceful election (wow! So patriotic wish! Hahaha!)

4.      A peaceful country

5.      Continuously healthy body for me and my family

6.      A work, at least until I get that SD1 Zertifikat and get to fly to Germany

7.      A Christmas at least on our new home, or at Germany (I am torn on this part)

8.      A quiet and happy family, away from intrigues and harm

9.      That my cousins get to be successful as well

10.     A Wii as a material wish (LOL!)

11.     I wish I will learn how to ride a bike (yes, I cant ride a bike! Huhuhuhuhu)

12.     After #11, learn how to drive

13.     A happy new year, with a happy heart always ^_^

Truly, men do not get satisfied And I am one of them

Three hours to go!

A Happy Birthday To Me!!! ^_^

Monday, December 14, 2009

finally got it now...

can't believe i was able to complete the stickers for my starbucks planner as early as now! am i that addicted to coffee this time?

inside the box
(part of the sales of this planner helps Spark of Hope foundation)

the roast design
(i actually wanted the beans however the branch at
north harbour doesn't have that design last Sunday morning)

closer look at the roast design, it's toleerable

well, not bad, i thought the spaces were small, but it's just okay... ^_^

so now i guess, i can help my friends complete their own sticker cards... but i still want the beans though... =)

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm So Excited!

Instead of working on the documents sent to me yesterday, I am procrastinating again. Ive spent half of my shift searching over the internet about the best deals for the month of April 2010. I know it is still far, but at least I can have an estimate of how much itll cost us going to Bohol, or Palawan, or simply at Puerto. And surprisingly, Bohol is way cheaper than Puerto, with all other interesting stuff to do, unlike going to Puerto wherein all we could do is swim, dive and snorkel. Since tarsiers are so popular in Germany, I have thought of showing him a real tarsier, face to face, eye to eye, not just like those shown on Germany TV ads (yes, theres an ad with a tarsier as the main cast, hahaha! I forgot the product though, schade!). Oh well, I just hope that he would also like the itinerary I have planned. =)

Do I sound so excited? Not really, just a little, hahaha! =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

moving forward

owkie... cleaning up is done... am i fooling myself?!? i just deleted 4 old posts! hahaha!

whatever! maybe i am just soooo pre-occupied that is why i cannot write anything with sense, because reading back my past posts, may sense naman kahit pa'no, except of course when i rant over my past jobs... hahaha!

oh well... life moves on... and i'm glad on where i am now...

clean up time!

yes, I have thought of it once again clean up my blog site remove unwanted posts make this a little more logical instead of pure randomness full of non-sense I wish I can complete it fast I wish I can do it better this time

this site will be temporarily unavailable for some time watch out for the new look and new thoughts =)