Sunday, November 29, 2009

when stubborness strikes

i went to see my goddaughter's birthday party... a children's party with adults as guests! so much fun!

after the party, starbucks caught my attention... so instead of heading to the jeepney terminal back to complex, i went inside starbucks and get myself some iced peppermint mocha... and that christmas tumbler i've been eyeing for soooooooooooo long! ^_^ that glossy red design is pretty... ^_^

and i am just your typical stubborn girl, said i will get away from coffee because of this questionable palpitations these past few days, but i still get myself a cup today... and since i got dozens of tumbler, mom said not to waste my money any longer on those tumblers since they are all just the same, only the design varies, but still, i get myself a new one... ANG KULIT KO LANG NOH?

Saturday, November 28, 2009


- i am not sure if i have an old post with this title.
- it took me so long to post back here again. thanks to this slow smart bro, it allowed me to access ONLY blogger, and it just keeps on logging me out of FB and twitter.
- it was so traffic on my way home to batangas this afternoon, i almost did not make it with my appointment with joyce for my braces (thank God she got a lot of patients!)
- saw an ├╝berly handsome kiddo sa jeepney on my way to san jose, i suddenly remember mom's comment on who my nephew's look alike is... guess who! ALAN COMPLE!
- my reaction on the comment above? WTF!?!?! kian is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more handsome than alan... hahaha!
- i feel so sad with all that's happening here in the philippines, makes me want to leave philippines as soon as possible.
- will be going to sta. rosa tomorrow for my inaanak's birthday party, but i planned to stay late, coz i want to see what will happen at PBB.
- saw this tweet from PBB Secretary, bagyong issa?!? meaning, house will merge soon?!?!
- posting here tonight makes me realize that I MISS BLOGGING SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
- but i miss U more tonight, since SmartBro is not cooeprating with me, damn it!
- YOU SUCK SMART BRO! Sun is way better! at least SUN is not promising good network in the provinces, but you and globe tattoo promised consumers, just to fool us and get money from the people
- di naman obvious na galit ako sa smart bro noh?
- at random talaga ang nangyari sa post ko...
- i will soon be starting with level 1.3 of my deutsch! egzoyting !
- if only i am not lugi to get PLDT DSL, papakabit na talga ko dito sa batangas, but then, i am not frequently home here, so sayang lang...
- di bale, once the new house is okay, papakabitan ko talga ng DSL yun with or without people
- kung san ang location ng house na nabili ko, secret muna, SOON, i'll reveal here... hehehe...
- i feel sad for the journalists and their families... why are there people like those killers?!?! they do not have place on earth, neither in heaven, for sure!
- next week's last meeting with 1.2, exams exams exams!
- on 12th fitting naman ng gown for ron's wedding! anubeh! di pa ko sexy! ampf! i hate this beer belly!!! di na nga ko umiinom eh... :(
- YEY for me for the long Christmas holiday that Mathias had granted me! 2 weeks! yipee!
- egzoyted to meet with Ody and Tel on the 26th!yey!
- UST Chem will have homecoming ON MY BIRTHDAY! yes! exactly ON MY BIRTHDAY! they love me! hahaha! assuming!
- wala na ko maisip na masulat, haha!
- i love you U! i miss you!!! :)
- kelangan yan kasi lagi sya nagbabasa dito, hahaha!
- need to end this long random thoughts, baka eto naman ang ma-DC ng wala sa oras...