Friday, September 4, 2009

lemme go!!!!!!!!

I just grabbed this chance when, I’m so dead bored, tired, and sleepy over one document I am asked to rewrite. Today’s the 3rd day of that document on my table, and even if it’s Friday, I just don’t feel the urge of finishing it. Anyway, the document would take effect on October, and I don’t think it would take a month for a document to reach Lithuania from Germany, right? I can still work on this one next week, oh well, I MUST work on it next week, or else, I’m dead.

‘Tis just so boring Friday, a typhoon is hovering over Philippines (for the 12th time this year) and the floor is just soooooooo empty. One of my colleague had gone home (she took a half day off) and most of the people are all on their way to Bohol (yeah, despite the unfriendly weather), coz it’s a long weekend for them, yes, ONLY for them. I wanted to scan through my book of Schritte Internationalle I to prepare myself tomorrow, but I just can’t coz of this document waiting to be done ASAP.

Overall, I just want to go home, and tuck myself on my bed. This weather just makes me want to doze off any minute…

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