Saturday, September 19, 2009

"In My Life" is a STORY OF MY LIFE

Just came home from the cinema, I treated my mom for a date, and watched her all-time favorite actress, Gov. Vilma Santos, and also as a support since part of the earnings will go to some projects in Batangas. Anyway, another reason I wanted mom to watch it is because I want her to understand me, even if it is kinda late na ata...

I do not want to spoil the story here, but the part when they were at the park, it was like me and mama talking, not Luis and Vilma.

Me: Remember the time when you found out someone likes me, you started to treat me coldly, and even the people who you call "kunsitidor".

Mama: Because it came as a surprise, it was not that easy for me to accept.

Me: Eh, remember the time when I told you that I am one of those top students of our class, and I do have numerous awards during highschool graduation? You were not satisfied with it and told me, why not as great as Lyn's? I just  kept quiet then, but deep inside, I cried.

Mama: Because I think you deserve the same as Lyn's.

Me: Then I passed UST, and you said "why not UP?"

Mama was just silent.

Me: Since then, I chose not to share things with you, because I felt like, whatever I do, I always end up a disappointment for you.

Sad but true, those lines are not just movie lines, they do happen to real people, and it happens to be ME...

Another part that hit me was the part with Dang and their mom, narrating all the pains and tortures she had with her mom, and the way her mom suppressed and did not supported what she really wanted to be. Mom too, did those things to me, and I cannot help not to cry because as I listen to her telling those incidents, I can remember myself being slapped, and being told that I ain't somebody suitable to be a MassCom nor a Journalism graduate. It hurts that your own mother do not believe on your potential, but sad but true, Shirley IS a real person in real life.

I am Mark in the movie, at the same time, I am Dang... I ain't the writer of that film, but whoever they are, you hit me right on the spot. You were able to express all those feelings kept for so long in my heart, thoughts that I cannot blurt out because I am so afraid to hurt my mom. Thanks for coming up with this movie, through this movie, I was able to convey my message to my mom, that my life does not have always to evolve around her, that there are other people with whom I have to meet and love in this life.

Shirley is not only my mom in real life, I am aware, there are other mothers that is like Shirley as well, and it is not only me who is Mark/ Dang in real life, there are millions too out there. 

"In My Life" movie is a story of my life as well, and a story of others out there who needs help how to proceed with MOVING FORWARD...

Kudos to the team, thank you very much, you were able to magnify my life in such a beautiful way. Thank you for bringing such wonderful film!

*comment lang, sana naman di ganun ka-exag ang face ng pinili nyo na Pamela! haller?!?! daming magandang Fil-am or Americanized Filipinas noh! maganda pa si Vice, seriously!i like Vice's fashion ha!*

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