Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Adventure

mmofive years ago, Milenyo did not let me go home after my shift... and this year, Ondoy ALMOST made me sleep by the bus along EDSA...

i was both scared and worried yesterday as i sit by the bus and see the news from GMA about flooded streets in metro manila. i was afraid that i might sleep by the bus because there was already flood along EDSA Guadalupe, Santolan and Cubao underpass, making the vehicles almost immobilized along EDSA.

my worries came when mom texted me that the water was already neck-deep downstreet our house, and little more rain and the water would reach our house, for sure. sad, we do not have 2nd floor, as this was built years ago, and the engineer was confident we are situated at a fairly high location. but with the case yesterday, i was thankful the rain stopped or else, i am part of those sleeping by the centers now...

my family's safe, the water finally subsided by 12midnight, and did not reach our house... however,there are still thousands of poor souls who are still by their rooftops, nothing to wear, nothing to eat... damn this government system! if it were not because of their corrupt hands, there would be enough to help save these people from this tragedy...

those private institutions and private people are way, way better than these public servants we all expect in times like this... how funny that morning yesterday, i still saw all these "GWAPONG MMDA" by EDSA, but come 1pm, while we were so desperate to go home in bus, these "GWAPONG MMDA" were GONE!!! there were cars and motorbikes that broke down along EDSA, but there were no MMDA in sight to help out, other drivers, and concerned people were the ones who helped these people out, never mind getting wet by the rain, just to help these people out, but these MMDA officers were out of sight on this time they are needed most along EDSA.

READ: if they were there (and are really GWAPO to do their jobs) by their posts, i guess those trucks and rubberboats of AFP, PNP and Navy that were trapped with us (yes, they were actually on time, but were trapped at EDSA) could have made it in time, and was able to save more lives.

it's true, there's no BAYANI who's alive, not even that chairman!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"In My Life" is a STORY OF MY LIFE

Just came home from the cinema, I treated my mom for a date, and watched her all-time favorite actress, Gov. Vilma Santos, and also as a support since part of the earnings will go to some projects in Batangas. Anyway, another reason I wanted mom to watch it is because I want her to understand me, even if it is kinda late na ata...

I do not want to spoil the story here, but the part when they were at the park, it was like me and mama talking, not Luis and Vilma.

Me: Remember the time when you found out someone likes me, you started to treat me coldly, and even the people who you call "kunsitidor".

Mama: Because it came as a surprise, it was not that easy for me to accept.

Me: Eh, remember the time when I told you that I am one of those top students of our class, and I do have numerous awards during highschool graduation? You were not satisfied with it and told me, why not as great as Lyn's? I just  kept quiet then, but deep inside, I cried.

Mama: Because I think you deserve the same as Lyn's.

Me: Then I passed UST, and you said "why not UP?"

Mama was just silent.

Me: Since then, I chose not to share things with you, because I felt like, whatever I do, I always end up a disappointment for you.

Sad but true, those lines are not just movie lines, they do happen to real people, and it happens to be ME...

Another part that hit me was the part with Dang and their mom, narrating all the pains and tortures she had with her mom, and the way her mom suppressed and did not supported what she really wanted to be. Mom too, did those things to me, and I cannot help not to cry because as I listen to her telling those incidents, I can remember myself being slapped, and being told that I ain't somebody suitable to be a MassCom nor a Journalism graduate. It hurts that your own mother do not believe on your potential, but sad but true, Shirley IS a real person in real life.

I am Mark in the movie, at the same time, I am Dang... I ain't the writer of that film, but whoever they are, you hit me right on the spot. You were able to express all those feelings kept for so long in my heart, thoughts that I cannot blurt out because I am so afraid to hurt my mom. Thanks for coming up with this movie, through this movie, I was able to convey my message to my mom, that my life does not have always to evolve around her, that there are other people with whom I have to meet and love in this life.

Shirley is not only my mom in real life, I am aware, there are other mothers that is like Shirley as well, and it is not only me who is Mark/ Dang in real life, there are millions too out there. 

"In My Life" movie is a story of my life as well, and a story of others out there who needs help how to proceed with MOVING FORWARD...

Kudos to the team, thank you very much, you were able to magnify my life in such a beautiful way. Thank you for bringing such wonderful film!

*comment lang, sana naman di ganun ka-exag ang face ng pinili nyo na Pamela! haller?!?! daming magandang Fil-am or Americanized Filipinas noh! maganda pa si Vice, seriously!i like Vice's fashion ha!*

Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Have or Not To Have

I have been contemplating the whole day whether I will have myself a haircut, though I have told my mom and boyfriend that I will grow my hair this year and wear another wavy style, but then I find my hair so dull and boring. Wearing a simple straight and childish hair makes me look so out-dated (haha!)…


So I searched the web and found numerous hairstyles that fascinates me, but I am not confident enough that all these styles would fit me... Overall, it shows that I love bob hairstyles, the question only falls now whether to have or not to have a haircut...

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Monday, September 7, 2009

but i'm not! hahaha! oh well, outside, it's raining cats and dogs again, best time to tuck myself to bed, but i can't... insomnia strikes again... it's also because at this time, i am really awake, chatting, but since he is out of state, and only he knows what time he'll be back home, so no chatting for tonight...' :( (sigh!)

A Year and a Half

If this is some kind of a romantic relationship, this sure is something to celebrate, but it isn’t that way. This is no love story to start with Even if I like the way they treat me, even if they find me great, this is just isn’t my place. I thought, I belong here, but now its clear, I dont.

How many more days are left for me to reach the 21st of March, 2011? Why cant time just run faster? I am not tired of the work, am not mad over tasks, its just that I dont belong here

I miss the scent of chemicals, the sound of stirring rod as it touches the beaker; I miss the waiting time for the chromatographs from the HPLC and/ or the GC. I miss them, but I am not sure if I can still go back working with them. I mean, yes, its great experience being able to work here, I’ve learned a lot, but it has deprived me of the chances to work on these products and can boastfully say that I am a specialist of these products. I may be fully equipped with all the technical terms, and knowledgeable of how these works technically, however, the point is, I do not work on them hands-on, all I know are just in words, I have not seen such errors in real life, and they only describe it to me. Then, how can I market myself to the outside world after my bond? How are they going to believe me that I am a specialist of this product when in fact, I only worked on it for 4 months, the rest were only by words.

Sometimes, back-office jobs are not as fulfilling as manufacturing jobs are. Sometimes, it can be as frustrating as any other jobs out there, but I have to hold on and move on.

For now, I know no other way to kill this frustration and boredom, but to simply continue counting down the days.

This is for sure, once I am out of the bond, Ill try my best to be out of here, and return to the laboratory, right where I used to be

Friday, September 4, 2009

lemme go!!!!!!!!

I just grabbed this chance when, I’m so dead bored, tired, and sleepy over one document I am asked to rewrite. Today’s the 3rd day of that document on my table, and even if it’s Friday, I just don’t feel the urge of finishing it. Anyway, the document would take effect on October, and I don’t think it would take a month for a document to reach Lithuania from Germany, right? I can still work on this one next week, oh well, I MUST work on it next week, or else, I’m dead.

‘Tis just so boring Friday, a typhoon is hovering over Philippines (for the 12th time this year) and the floor is just soooooooo empty. One of my colleague had gone home (she took a half day off) and most of the people are all on their way to Bohol (yeah, despite the unfriendly weather), coz it’s a long weekend for them, yes, ONLY for them. I wanted to scan through my book of Schritte Internationalle I to prepare myself tomorrow, but I just can’t coz of this document waiting to be done ASAP.

Overall, I just want to go home, and tuck myself on my bed. This weather just makes me want to doze off any minute…

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's too late

we walked into the same building, and who would have thought we'd land the job at the same time? was it destiny that we'd even get to the clinic at the same time of that day... we jive on a lot of things, you made me laugh on the most frustrating events on that damn company...

whenever i feel so down and mad over my manager and/or seniors, you're just one message away... you were my one and only best friend on that damn company... we have decided to leave them, and find a new one, i was lucky to land the job on our dream company, and you got into a different one... despite the distance, communication never failed... i am not sure if i am really insensitive, or it is just the right thing... but i admit, i have turned you down several times...

believing we're just friends, i turned my eyes onto somebody else... and telling you that i've finally found happiness, i thought you'd be happy for me... but you turned cold, and the communication almost faded...

suddenly you'd tell me that line after turning you down for the nth time (i don't really know that group and the place's just so far)... but i was so surprised coz you've never been so frank towards me before about such things until today...

anyway, i promised you to get a date before christmas (excluding myself)... and for all the things you've done for me, i promise you, i will, best buddy...