Friday, August 21, 2009

Reminiscing Great Democratic Icons

Todays Ninoy Aquino day, and again, bound to work despite the holiday. But then, it is not a waste of time, because of such, I was able to see, at least even for few minutes, some religious celebration held at Paseo de Roxas here at Ayala Avenue, where Ninoys monument is placed. It is sort of like a prayer rally, and then ended with blessing the monument. And stupidity again, not really, I am just afraid to bring my phone downstairs, because earlier, when we were buying souvenir stuffs, there was someone who kept on following us, and Jena mentioned that he acted like wanting to take advantage of the crowd and steal whatever he can get. So, the second time we went down, I brought nothing but myself, hahaha! Anyway, a lot of cams are flashing around, I can grab one photo anytime, there are Flickr, Photobucket, Multiply and other cyber places these photos would be available.

Funny thing is, I went to work early to finish one important document, but ended up procrastinating STILL! Started with the shopping wherein I bought all stuff that shows faces of these two great persons then went on buying foods that my tongue craves, boiled peanuts, and all other street foods that are not normally found here at Ayala. Gluttony, we say, but its just today that we would feast and join their celebration. J However, it is way tooooooo expensive day!!! Bought 2 shirts costing 100 bucks each, then a bag which also 100 bucks, but the kind lady gave me a 20 peso discount for purchasing 3 items from them. Then walking back to the building, we saw ID holder with pins, and bought one too, then saw pins and bought 1 too, and even made patol to those nail cutter and bottle opener with photos as well! Then the peanuts costs too much here (well, I am not in Batangas anyway), 1 serving is 20 bucks!!! But still, I bought 2 servings, hahaha! Then bought squid balls (which was 3 bucks each piece), and had 7 pieces of it, and oooppps! I saw green mangoes, and got one as well (which is already at 10 bucks!)

So full, I feel lazy going back to work! All these shopping and eating helped me not to finish this project faster! It just made me procrastinate more

Photos to follow!


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