Sunday, May 10, 2009

Du Hast Mich

It is 30 minutes before Mothers' Day, and i just finished writing my mom her card. I know she have expected this already,  since every year she do get one from me on Mothers' Day, but I still managed to get her this one, because the message is a direct message of what might come in few years, since I am moving out of the house soon to enter another stage of my life. Also, this is the only time each year that I get very mushy towards her (in addition to her birthday), so I took the chance again! Honestly, this card was like it was written for me, one look at it last Thusday, I did not have to search for another one, it was all that I wanted to tell her, ending, I did not have much personal message written, the poem has said it all for me...

"Happy Mothers' Day Mom, wherever I go, and whatever my achievements be, you will always have me, your little girl, forever and ever. I love you Mom..."

Happy Mothers' Day to all moms out there too!