Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cenakulo on its 20th Year

I have been part of the theater group for 9 years now, yet, on my 9th year (and at the same time the 20th year of the group), I am totally out of the picture. Well, honestly, I have an option, I could have filed this as a leave (I am following Germany holidays), and however, I have been into a big discussion before over my 15-day vacation leave for September, so I guess I am still on the hot list, so I did not attempted on the Holy Thursday. Anyway, I will just be out of the big picture, I will still be there as a support, not the same role I had last year, nor the same busy-ness as last year.

But on the brighter side of this, I think this is good for them and for me as well. We all do not know till when I will be here in Philippines, better that new people are learning the things I have been handling for years so it would not be that difficult when the time comes that I will be totally hands-off of the Theater. For now, they still are able to reach me through phone calls (even in the middle of my sleep this morning, and while I am at work), I just do not see them physically during preparation, but I will surely be there during the play itself (hey, I will be driving off during the wee hours of the morning just to get there in time, despite the monthly cycle I am suffering now!)

In short, this is like a withdrawal for me from an addiction I have long been with. A withdrawal that is difficult, but as part of my growing up, I have to

I just wish I can get to know same lively theater group in Germany and be part of it when I have finally settled there...

Will be posting again soon, after the play tomorrow! Even if I am not one of the major cast anymore, wish us luck for tomorrow!!! :D

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