Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Third and Last Option To Blog

I have my blog inactive for so long, not because I am not in the mood of writing, honestly, I got soooooooo many ideas wasted, but because ALL personal sites are banned here in the office (and I mean ALL: blogger, multiply, facebook, Friendster*, i.ph, wordpress, and many others). And should I say I am pretty much amazed by our IT? ALL proxy sites are banned as well! I mean, there are thousands of proxy sites (or even millions), and none of them will open up. Very, very good IT department (though it is not a funny thing for me). I have another option, as a matter of fact, that is to blog when I got home, but the problem is, when I get home, it is either I am soooooo sleepy, or the idea of what to blog is totally GONE. So last night, I remember the third option, and I made sure I have the secret word ready today, just in case I need some break from my documents.

* was quite surprised when I was typing this blog in Word, the word have been corrected automatically, did Mr. Webster added it in his dictionary already?


Anonymous said...

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