Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring: Hello Germany, Goodbye Cy

Yeah, spring is here next week, and we've been experiencing the sun for days last week, till this week started to f* up... The forecast said the sun will be back today, but hey, it's almost 12 noon, still the sky is gray... Oh well, maybe sentimenting with me, I have received a message this morning that my mom is in the hospital, but thanks that when I called them, she's somewhat well now, only needs a day in the hospital for observation.

Maybe that's why I have been out of my mind for days, my mom is not doing good... Two days ago, while I was having an idle time at work, I re-ordered my file folders, and deleted some unwanted documents, and make modifications on my email set up, then poof! All my archive emails GONE! Yes, so stupid to delete both my archive and personal folders. And I have my e-ticket there for next week! Darn! And my boss is calling me at the hotel and my phone for days and she cannot reach me, why? I am always out with U, I do not want to bore my ass in the hotel alone... And my handy? Well, I did not put load on it for month now, now my roaming is only for incoming text messages...

Latest stupidity, U's son called, and I hanged up, hahaha! Stupid! Out of myself!

Good thing this Aussie Eis in Frankfurt gives a very soothing and delicious eis...

Cye: Hello Spring!

Spring: Goodbye Cye! Hello Germany!

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