Monday, February 9, 2009

Talk To Me If You Have Problems With Me...

She has always been like that, even back in Manila. Thank God, I have somebody else here to spend time with, not with her, and with all her grudges. I cannot understand why she wants to manipulate who I go out with here in Germany, when in fact, we're not related, we're just colleagues.

We're not even friends, yeah, finally, I said it.

I heard her smiling while chatting with someone back in Manila office, I know it isn't her husband online, but somebody else, and I bet you in millions, she is telling him that I have been out whole weekend with somebody here. I mean, if she have problems with me, and with my attitude, just tell me, because I don't give her a damn. It just made me sad even more that I get to remember the times in Manila, when the US colleagues are not yet in for the day, I am always left behind by these two guys, and I hate them, I sometimes wish I am with the US accounts... But now, I have other thoughts, I am thinking of leaving them for good, and settle here in Germany, away from people who loves to make buzz about my life.

This is my PRIVATE life, why do they love to talk about me behind my back?!? I am not a celebrity in the first place (and one reason why I did not try to be part of it, lol!)!

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