Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For U

While waiting on the training to be finished, a training that I cannot join because the language used is German, I get to finish this poem. It's surprising that I can write poems again, after so many years... And oh, my name is no longer "angel anne," the name that non-sense guy gave me, it's "kleine anne" now, and I guess "U" know why... Detoxification is working perfectly!

i've lost all the words to write
i've forgotten all the feelings
my smile is always a mask
that hides the tears that never ends.

until one day, U came along
just like a dream i had for so long;
i'm glad i could smile again
and my heart filled with love again.
I know, you might say the poem sucks, I am really not good in poems, at least I tried to write again, after so many years...


Trilok said...

nope..not that bad :P
but is it real?

kleine anne said...

yes, it's for real...

Princess Ody said...

deym, kinikilig ako! hmm...lemme guess, sa U nagsisimula ang pangalan ng nagpapangiti sayo

kleine anne said...

hahaha! you know me so well, ody... rather, is it too obvious?