Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feeling Old Fashioned

It's my first day this year here at Deutschland, the sun is shining brightly, I don't feel much coldness outside, yet I chose to stay inside the hotel the whole day, that I even felt lazy about attending the mass earlier.

To be honest, as of this writing (12:15 PM to be exact), I haven't taken my bath yet... I feel ├╝berly lazy (that's Gerlish!hahaha!) The sun is so beautiful at sight, it's inviting me to go out, but the motivation is not that enough. Maybe because I know for a fact that I can't go anywhere, because MOST stores and shops and restau's are close (it's Sunday!), and only Kebab's and Chinese-Thai stores are possibly open...

I'm hungry, another thing to be honest about, so maybe, in an hour, I will be able to drag my feet to go out, and get some Chinese food to last my day (or if I get more motivated later, I can take the train going to Frankfurt, and find other stores there)... But for now, I have to get the motivation to get inside the bathroom, and fix myself!

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