Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why My Mom Said No When I Planned to Study "Political Science"

Tomorrow's going to be Obama's inauguration, but I am not going to discuss nor talk about what I am expecting from him tomorrow, because, for one thing, I am not in the US to bother much about his plans (though, I admit, Philippines is very much affected by all the things happening in the US, and my employer is an American company). Despite these facts I laid, he is not the topic of this blog today (maybe after the inauguration tomorrow, I will).

Well, if US already got new leaders, Philippines will have its election by next year. But, even if the election is still a year away, I already got some gut-feel who will run and on what position.
  • Manny Villar - this I started to feel since last year, when he made this commercial about OFWs that he "helped" in order for them to get back home, and the latest one, a commercial about a small entrepreneur, who raises ducks and went through hardships, and mentioned that Manny apparently "helped" him, because Manny believes that people who are hard-working are worth helping for. There goes his lines again: "Sipag at Tyaga."
  • Mar Roxas - though he seems to be quiet for sometime, I already saw a commercial about his great "works" as well (I forgot the topic, though).
  • Bayani Fernando - no commercials, no print ads. Only, pink items are starting to be very much visible along the highways again. Pink fences being cleaned and repaired, pink signs being placed, pink waiting sheds starting to increase in numbers, pink stickers on PUBs.
  • GMA - even if she said she had enough, I am still not satisfied with her words. Why force ChaCha if she means she had enough?
  • Cha-cha - this was again alive, people are battling over the Chacha issue again, amidst the declining economy. I don't want to say more, but if this will be implemented, I'm afraid, there will be NO election next year (tell me why is there a motorcade of Madame President this morning?). I hope people will use their head, and forget their pockets for sometime.
  • Unlimited price increase - today it will go down a peso, tomorrow it will increase FIVE PESOS higher! Why is that so? So that those people will have enough before the election starts, enough funds to go about their candidacy, or if not running for a position, enough for them to retire leisurely and tour the whole world.
  • Fertilizer fund scam relived - just the best way to make one's name known, is to relive an issue that should have been resolved a long time ago. Well, the reason why it was put to shelf for a moment, is to make sure it is going to be utilized at the right time, and when is the right time? Let's just say, the time when people are already starting to ask who have plans to run for the position.
  • One by one, issues of corruption are unraveled - why only now? People have long been suffering from hunger and death because of corruption, and nobody paid much attention to it, people then became "used-to-it, " until one day, Juan De la Cruz woke up from the big bang of news announcing corruption will soon be dead. C'mon, it has always been promised eons ago, why is there still corruption around us? It is because the fight against corruption is good only when election is near. Enough said.
True, if some people knows me here, I belong to a family who got politics in our veins, though only one cousin of mine was brave enough to run as far as Mayor, but then I don't like political systems. I love talking about politics, but I hate the system that almost the whole world is following now when it comes to politics. When will I be able to wake up when the system is better than what I am seeing right now? When will POLITICS be more about SERVICE and not about MONEY? Isn't it that "politics" came from Greek word "polis", meaning that it pertains more about the state, and not about individualism?

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