Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too Lazy To Check on Comments

If I were not too idle today in the office, I would not notice that Ody did commented on my post last December 17th (sorry, Ody). Maybe I was too busy packing my things, and too excited for my birthday then, that I failed to check on comments on my blog, hehehe, I'm really, really sorry... Anyway, I was able to answer that question, through SMS, when Ody texted me that day, hahaha!

I finished my report in one day, so now I got very long idle times... So long that it stretches from 4 hours to 6 hours per day... None of my superior have plans of preparing our documents for the second phase of our training. People there in Germany are so excited about our coming back, as they are all sending emails and one already setting up plans where we'd go (but I don't like the place he proposed... ;D), but us here, just like last year, no progress yet on our Schengen Visa application...

Just blogging to relax my mind a bit, I have been answering emails in German for 5 hours now... :'(

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