Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Beginning

I was surprised to see my posts here doubled, I never thought I got to blog more here last year... And now, it's 2009, and there's a big question mark ahead of me... What is in store for me this year, I really don't know...

It's 2009, and I am really diligent on making this new year a start of my new life. Gone are the days when I was so desperate to get my ex-boyfriends back. To hell with both of them, hehehe... I am gonna make the best out of my single life this year, and one big project on my mind now is, renovating our home in Batangas. Yes, since I am the only one working now, all the expenses would be coming from me, and also, it's my idea to have the house renovated, so I should be the one to pay for the materials and labor.

I am so excited about what there is for me this year....


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