Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Needing Some Help

Okay, so, we are going back to Germany in few week's time. I got one big problem that I chose not to blog about Obama for a while, but try to exhaust my frustrations first (and hoping someone out there who would read this by accident or intentionally could help me out).

Alright, the problem is that we'll be staying again at the old city of Gelnhausen, and meaning, we'll be attending Catholic masses again at St.Paul's Church, where the priest is old, and all services are said in German, BUT! I can only say "Vater Unser" and the Sign of the Cross (in German), nothing more. I want something, like a Catholic mass book, that could guide me throughout the mass, and be able to answer correctly in German, not just sitting there silently throughout the whole mass. I got priest friend who lived in Germany for 15 years before, but I don't have time to see him, and I doubt it that he will lend me his mass book (if he got one) in German, and honestly, if he got one, I don't plan to bring it, because I have a gut-feel that it is that big book, and will eat up much weight on my baggage if I borrow it. I just need some basics so that I can follow the Catholic mass flow. I have been trying to search the web, but then, , to no avail...

I guess, I have to "tiis" another 7 Sundays, simply sitting by the church throughout the German mass... :(

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