Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's Wrong

I am cleaning out my cyberworlds, and checking on my bloglists here, when I get to find this draft with the title:

I checked the content, all that was written was: " stands for what's-wrong-with" and nothing more. I tried to search the web if there is a website and maybe I could remember what I was about to say that time (I guess that was drafted when I was still with Hitachi), but I had no luck. No website as such, and if I type in what www stands for, it directs me to Psychological help websites of knowing certain diseases. Well, I'm pretty sure I did not mean that way, about diseases or anything.

Now, the question is, what could I have meant that time? I wish I can still remember it. But it don't matter anyway, I deleted that draft already. :D

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