Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tiring but Crazy Day

This day is totally crazy! Here's what happened today:

1. It's raining the whole day, not snow this time, but just rain.

2. I have dysmenorrhea, so I was not able to eat my breakfast, I was nauseating the whole morning, bad start of the day.

3. The manager was out of the office, without notice (AWOL kumbaga, hahahaha!This marked the start of a very good day, despite the dysmenorrhea.).

4. We didn't ordered ahead at the cafeteria so we had to eat our lunch outside the office (and it took us an hour and half outside again).

5. After lunch, my trainer, Helmut, said I can buy off my time, go back to production anytime I feel going back (I thought, what?!? we went out too long, and you're allowing me to do nothing?) but I felt guilty so I went back at quarter before 2pm.

6. We were telling jokes and stories for half an hour.

7. Worked on the customer's software revision for an hour.

8. Had some coffee for 30 minutes (only Helmut and Uwe, I was just busy chatting and browsing the net, and the whole production and admin was already looking for the two guys I am with since Helmut is the boss when the Big Boss is out).

9. I went to the toilet for 15 minutes because Aunt Flo's here, grrr! (That's the nastiest for this day, it hurts real bad!)

10. Checked on the status of our analyzers at the temperature chamber and long term reliability test for 30 minutes.

11. Prepared shipping documents for one of the analyzers, and left the other four for tomorrow.

So, if we are to calculate my efficiency this day based on the analyzers or customer requests, that is, 2 completed tasks divide by 6 analyzers at hand equals 33%... Hmmm, not bad at all, hahaha! I'm bad...

Talking about the old saying:

"Pag wala ang pusa, magulo ang daga."

Applicable din pala sa mga German yun?

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