Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That's The Reason Why

So, the support team of responded to me quick, and now gave me the reason why it's acting that way for weeks now, my current IE is no longer supported. Ang jologs talga ng Emerson, IE5.0 pa din kahit super updated na ang IE, and worse, there are better browsers out there (am talking about Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome), browsers that would never give you a headache, and could help you upload or download faster! Enough said, am not paid by them, it's free advertisement.

Also, I played around and logged in to FS again this morning. I was laughing, when I saw tons of messages on my inbox, and a lot of bulletin boards (luckily no comments!), all containing the same contents that made me hate them that much. Most of my friends posted bulletin saying to ignore those stuff, well, yeah, we know it since forever, that it's FS system doing the bitching around. One of my friends also said that he will leave FS too! Well, I challenge him to do it NOW, like what I did. Then, one person who knows too much about some stuff in terms of IT, posted that it is actually not having your account hacked or whatsoever, it is a VIRUS, that when you open it, of course, it will infest your personal system and network. So, now it's clearer for me, and have my FS totally cancelled, not just hibernating... :) I don't need it anyway, I have my Multiply account upgraded to Premium account, and I have Facebook wherein I can do a lot of stuff similar to FS, and much, much BETTER... ;)

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