Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleepy but Itching To Blog

Hotel internet connection is a freak... When Ody was here, it was down all the time, actually, it started Tuesday last week... And now, it's up and running again... It's good it's back, however, I feel somewhat bad because I did boast them to Ody, but when she got here, there was not WiFi in my room... Oh well, that's life...

I am sleepy, but I haven't eaten my dinner yet. Now that Ody is gone, I'm back to take out and noodles dinner, my friend and colleague, Jenah, is too afraid to go out in the cold. It's true, it's cold, but I don't wanna die hungry as well... I'm back to venturing Gelnhausen on my own at night to find a place to eat...

I am sleepy, yet here I am, blogging... I have been itching to blog for a week now, and since the WiFi is down, I was not able to do that, and I don't do this in the office as well, I am serious with my work there, I enjoy the company of male engineers there, I am their princess and Melanie is the queen, hahaha!

I am sleepy, but I have to eat first... So I gotta go, I gotta pig in my cup noodles now... :D

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