Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Most Memorable Christmas Ever

This Christmas has been a memorable one, a day with my family that I would never forget. And the celebration did not just end in one day, moreso, the recently concluded family reunion was a blast! We didn't expect that there would be a lot to attend this year, we, as the organizers, are so glad that many now includes the reunion as part of their Christmas tradition, that even if relatives from Calamba is literally living so far, they attended the party and they were complete. Too bad, I'm the one assigned in the gifts and raffle prizes, I was not able to get pics, but I know Ate Baby got better pics. Now, everyone in the family is looking forward to our annual reunion, including me!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Half of Me Left Behind

Am here in the PI, back to my homeland..BUT! Half of me is not home,literally and figuratively... My luggage is currently sleeping at AMSTERDAM, while am back to my own room... My things doesn't want to leave Europe behind! Well, so is my heart... Even if it was a short while, I am so in love with Germany, and it's people... But I still hope my things would go home tomorrow!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Birthday Surprise

I think I was about to cry when Herr Nimpsch opened the breakfast box... A cake and kreppel (but I called it donut when "Schnappi" bought some two days ago)!

They are just so sweet... I will surely miss them when I get back to the Philippines...

Speaking of going home, our flight is tomorrow na, and I am excited as well...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost Chance

Para sa araw na ito, iba ang trainer ko na engineer, (kaya iba din ang language ko sa blog na ito).

"You kennst Haxen?" tanong nya in mixed German-English,

That's The Reason Why

So, the support team of responded to me quick, and now gave me the reason why it's acting that way for weeks now, my current IE is no longer supported. Ang jologs talga ng Emerson, IE5.0 pa din kahit super updated na ang IE, and worse, there are better browsers out there (am talking about Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome), browsers that would never give you a headache, and could help you upload or download faster! Enough said, am not paid by them, it's free advertisement.

Also, I played around and logged in to FS again this morning. I was laughing, when I saw tons of messages on my inbox, and a lot of bulletin boards (luckily no comments!), all containing the same contents that made me hate them that much. Most of my friends posted bulletin saying to ignore those stuff, well, yeah, we know it since forever, that it's FS system doing the bitching around. One of my friends also said that he will leave FS too! Well, I challenge him to do it NOW, like what I did. Then, one person who knows too much about some stuff in terms of IT, posted that it is actually not having your account hacked or whatsoever, it is a VIRUS, that when you open it, of course, it will infest your personal system and network. So, now it's clearer for me, and have my FS totally cancelled, not just hibernating... :) I don't need it anyway, I have my Multiply account upgraded to Premium account, and I have Facebook wherein I can do a lot of stuff similar to FS, and much, much BETTER... ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All Mixed Up

We will be flying home this Saturday. I am both excited and sad... There are a lot of things on my mind. I do miss my family, especially my mom. I miss my friends, especially those that I have planned to meet before I left for training, and our dates were always cancelled due to unwanted weather. I miss the warmth of the city, and the feeling of Christmas in the Philippines.

But at the same time, I feel like I don't want to go home, yet. Well, one reason is, as discussed with Ody one dinner night at Triangulum Restaurant, all the questions awaiting me in the Philippines. Questions that usually pops out of nowhere during family reunion, and other Christmas parties. Questions like:

1) How's life? How's LOVElife?

2) How's work? Do you have new BF now? 

3) Who's your boyfriend nowadays?

4) Why no new BF till this time?

5) Why are you not with your boyfriend?

Those are just example of the introductory questions. I tell you, even if I answer those with these:

1) I am doing great being SINGLE.

2) I am fully enjoying my work now without anyone bothering me.

3) Ahm, still waiting.

4) It's because I want to get rich faster, and if I get a BF now, I might not be that focused on my mission.

5) Ahm, sorry, I don't need to bring one, I don't need a bodyguard.

...there would still be follow up statements after that: YOU SHOULD GET A BOYFRIEND NOW.

And there would definitely be one additional question when I get back: Have you met someone there in Germany?

Thanks to Ody, for teaching me the answer: I met a lot, now I am undecided.

Ranting all these stuff, I begin to think, is it really expected out of me to get a new BF now? So what if I am 25 now? I wonder why the family is so affected with me not having a new BF for 3 years?

I am not that old yet to enjoy life being single, isn't it?

Another thing, I am enjoying the freedom I get here, too much freedom, a certain kind of freedom that I don't enjoy that much in the Philippines. That's another reason why I feel like I don't want to go home.

My Sister's Keeper

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author:Jodi Picoult
"This is from the back of the book: "Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister Kate can somehow fight leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. The product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), Anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate-a life role that she has never challenged . . . until now. Like most teenagers, Anna is beginning to question who she truly is. But unlike most teenagers, she has always been defined in terms of her sister-and so Anna makes a decision that for most would be unthinkable, a decision that will tear her family apart and have perhaps fatal consequences for her sister she loves.""

I have finished reading this months ago, but still, I am not over with its story. I am still reacting like Jodi's son "why should it end that way?" Before I left Philippines, I am already starting with the other book by Jodi Picoult, but still, I cannot finish it since my mind is still with "My Sister's Keeper." I don't have a sister nor a brother, but still, I get to be very much affected. I have read a lot of books in my life, but THIS particular book is the FIRST one to make me CRY. It is well-written, that it will keep you hooked till the last page. Its words are striking and it will turn your room into the courtroom where the story revolves.

One great novel I definitely suggest for reading this holiday. It will make you feel more grateful about your family, regardless of what your family is currently going through.

And before I forget, this book will be on big screen by mid of year 2009. Starring Cameron Diaz as Sara Fitzgerald, Alec Baldwin as Campbell Alexander, and Abigail breslin as Andromeda "Anna" Fitzgerald. I am looking forward for this movie, and hope they could give justice to the book.


Yes, I upgraded my Multiply account, I am now a premium account holder!

Waste of money? I don't really care, let's just say, that's how satisfied I am with Multiply compared to other cyber spaces out there, that I was convinced to do this upgrade... ü

I Am So In Love With Myself

And I am happy about it... I so love myself... ü

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Patay ako sa IT

Every start of the week, I have a ticket waiting at the IT table. Last time was not my fault, but this time, I admit, it's my fault. It is because I want to have my battery life longer, I changed DCP settings, and well, I clicked on the security options too! After an afternoon with our boss, when I got home to upload his video here, my notebook was asking for system or admin password already!

Huhuhu... Now I am blogging from the hotel's desktop. And tomorrow, for sure, patay ako kay Herr Wolf...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's Wrong

I am cleaning out my cyberworlds, and checking on my bloglists here, when I get to find this draft with the title:

I checked the content, all that was written was: " stands for what's-wrong-with" and nothing more. I tried to search the web if there is a website and maybe I could remember what I was about to say that time (I guess that was drafted when I was still with Hitachi), but I had no luck. No website as such, and if I type in what www stands for, it directs me to Psychological help websites of knowing certain diseases. Well, I'm pretty sure I did not mean that way, about diseases or anything.

Now, the question is, what could I have meant that time? I wish I can still remember it. But it don't matter anyway, I deleted that draft already. :D

Update! Update!

I posted here as my first blog that I and Ariel were going out... Just to make it clear again, that was only ONCE!

After that time, I realized, I don't like him anymore. He is totally not the person I used to like before.

Well, at least, I was able to prove that, ALL PEOPLE CHANGE...

And so do I...

Cyberworlds Retiring Away From Me

I don't need to choose which cyber world should I keep, or something. They are starting to get away from me by themselves. First, having FS pissing me off made me decide to move all my pics to Multiply and my direct my friends to use Multiply and Facebook. Then, I tried to log into my blog to share some sentiments and everything, but I can't. I tried to log on my Deutsch blog, and also the same, I can't log in. So, I decided to stick with my blogspot account, FOR GOOD.

So, as an update, you can OFFICIAL find me on three cyberspaces from now on:

See yah on my new worlds...

Moving and Out

I have decided to leave Friendster behind, despite the number of friends I got there, which ranges from first grade years to present. Well, it's a good decision anyway, for I also got "friends" there, which, I am not sure if I really know them in real life. Some lives on the same town I lived for ten years, some went to same schools and university I went to, but their names doesn't ring a bell to me. I admit, maybe some of my friends there doesn't know me as well, but maybe they've just forgotten me, as for me, I know them, and for once, they became my friends.

If FS would ask me reasons why I am moving out of their system, I guess these are the reasons I am about to give them:

1. Your system maintenance ALWAYS affects my page, deleting some friends, and adding people I don't know I have on my list before. This is true, the first hit on me was when they deleted my customized layout, the very first layout I was able to make on my own, was deleted just like that. Also, as far as my memory is concerned, I only have around 250 friends, and after series of system maintenance, my friends rose to 584! Whoa! They added me to my friends' friends list as well!

2. Your system is prone to hackers and spammers. I don't need to explain this, a lot of my friends encountered the same. I am not sure if somebody is using my account too, to post random comments and messages to my friends, and I don't care anymore if he or she does. TO HELL WITH THEM.

3. You do not have original ideas. Networking was from MySpace, blogging capability and unlimited photo uploads from Multiply, I guess, and lately, applications from Facebook! Know what, I appreciate the old Friendster more. The time when you are limited to only 500 friends max, when there was no blogging capability, when HTML codes are not yet supported, and when you can post only limited photos on your page. At least during those time, you can choose the friends to add on your precious 500 list, comments are really testimonials about who you are, not those HTML stuffs that eats up your bandwidth, and photos just shows how you look as of this time, for those friends who you don't see anymore.

4. Your privacy option is not for real. If this is not so, then maybe reason number 2 would not exist.

5. Multiply and Facebook can make me more satisfied. Enough said, I don't want to explain on this part.

If Friendster would go back to what it was 5 years ago, maybe, they can win me back. I miss the old Friendster, I miss the good, old times with them. But since they chose to go with the current changes, and everything, then, it is bye-bye time for me...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Not My Best Day

I hate and like this day... I've been so pissed off since this morning... I have posted much about it in the forum, I don't want to go into details again... Then, my colleague e-mailed me about my baby kringle, and his code is "Karinyo Brutal." Then, I asked about the wishlist that guy posted on our bulletin board at Manila. Here's what his wish is: 1 year subscription of Funny Komiks!!!

Whoever he is, I'll kill him when I get back to Manila!!! He pissed me off even more!!! I will kill Karinyo Brutal when I get home!!! Grrr...

Birthday pa naman ni Harlene, at ganito ako... Kainis talga...




Good thing, the WiFi here at the hotel did not added up to the reasons why I am pissed off, last night it was out, good thing it's back today...


There are a lot of photos taken at Frankfurt, with Ody and the latest one was with Jenah last Sunday, but I just uploaded these pictures that I like best... Mostly are Frankfurt by night... ;)

I Wanna Go Home

Not only because I wanna see my family... But more so because I can't stand being with that person any longer... I need a break... I wonder if Ody feels the same about that person too...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time Running Fast

In two weeks' time, I will be back to the PI... Back to the warm weather, back to busy streets of Manila, back to my real world... I'm feeling indifferent and at the same time excited...

I miss my family, I miss my friends... I'm sad I am gonna miss the Paskuhan as well... A lot of things that I miss back home... But I am also at home here at Hessen...

Yes, I am brown, I am Asian, but they don't care about that, they accepted us... THEY LIKE US... And I am going to miss them as well...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cleaning Up My Closet

I deleted some widgets off my page. Why? Wala lang, it's just some kinda crowded with all those widgets around my page, which I don't use anyway. Now, it's back to its old self, except of course for the theme that I really love, plain, dark, gloomy, yet speaks about me directly.

I hope this cleaning up would help me clean up my own too. I'll be back to Philippines in few weeks, I hope that I could live up my life back there according to what I had contemplated and planned while I was here for training.

Enough said, I don't want to go into details, I might eat up my words again.

Tiring but Crazy Day

This day is totally crazy! Here's what happened today:

1. It's raining the whole day, not snow this time, but just rain.

2. I have dysmenorrhea, so I was not able to eat my breakfast, I was nauseating the whole morning, bad start of the day.

3. The manager was out of the office, without notice (AWOL kumbaga, hahahaha!This marked the start of a very good day, despite the dysmenorrhea.).

4. We didn't ordered ahead at the cafeteria so we had to eat our lunch outside the office (and it took us an hour and half outside again).

5. After lunch, my trainer, Helmut, said I can buy off my time, go back to production anytime I feel going back (I thought, what?!? we went out too long, and you're allowing me to do nothing?) but I felt guilty so I went back at quarter before 2pm.

6. We were telling jokes and stories for half an hour.

7. Worked on the customer's software revision for an hour.

8. Had some coffee for 30 minutes (only Helmut and Uwe, I was just busy chatting and browsing the net, and the whole production and admin was already looking for the two guys I am with since Helmut is the boss when the Big Boss is out).

9. I went to the toilet for 15 minutes because Aunt Flo's here, grrr! (That's the nastiest for this day, it hurts real bad!)

10. Checked on the status of our analyzers at the temperature chamber and long term reliability test for 30 minutes.

11. Prepared shipping documents for one of the analyzers, and left the other four for tomorrow.

So, if we are to calculate my efficiency this day based on the analyzers or customer requests, that is, 2 completed tasks divide by 6 analyzers at hand equals 33%... Hmmm, not bad at all, hahaha! I'm bad...

Talking about the old saying:

"Pag wala ang pusa, magulo ang daga."

Applicable din pala sa mga German yun?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleepy but Itching To Blog

Hotel internet connection is a freak... When Ody was here, it was down all the time, actually, it started Tuesday last week... And now, it's up and running again... It's good it's back, however, I feel somewhat bad because I did boast them to Ody, but when she got here, there was not WiFi in my room... Oh well, that's life...

I am sleepy, but I haven't eaten my dinner yet. Now that Ody is gone, I'm back to take out and noodles dinner, my friend and colleague, Jenah, is too afraid to go out in the cold. It's true, it's cold, but I don't wanna die hungry as well... I'm back to venturing Gelnhausen on my own at night to find a place to eat...

I am sleepy, yet here I am, blogging... I have been itching to blog for a week now, and since the WiFi is down, I was not able to do that, and I don't do this in the office as well, I am serious with my work there, I enjoy the company of male engineers there, I am their princess and Melanie is the queen, hahaha!

I am sleepy, but I have to eat first... So I gotta go, I gotta pig in my cup noodles now... :D

Things I Want To Do Before I Die

I think I can now die, I got to do some things I want to do first. Top of my list is, be able to step the land of Germany, and well, currently, I am stepping on it... I got a good job, not that rewarding monetarily, but still, I know, I belong... I had a boyfriend before, which did not work, but that's fine, at least, I did had a boyfriend even once... I got to see a snow, yeah, too shallow, but that's simply one great way of rewarding myself... I got to witness a sunset even if it snows, and I got to see sunset and sunrise here in Germany...I got the role in Cenakulo, which Alan said would be impossible before...

Basic things that completes my bucket list is almost done, and even if there are things left undone, I don't care, I am ready now... I can now die...