Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Current Blogsite is Down

Darn it! I cannot blog at my blog for 3 days now, ampf!

yun lang, hahaha!

Oo nga pala, I got home at 1:30am from work, coz of the meeting. Well, am still somewhat lucky, kasi earlier daw, there was a shoot out sa area where I usually pass by (Munoz market), according to my tito. Katakot talga, then by 27th, 12mn na out ko, huhuhu... Kakatakot talga pag ganung time even if madami pa ding people dito sa Metro. Oh well, what can I do? That's what my work calls for.

Then on the 1st of November, lipat kami ng station beside the web support, grrr!

By the way, it's my Schengen Visa interview this coming Tuesday, so wish me luck! And pray for me to pass it, multiple visa kasi inapply sa kin ng manager ko eh... Unlike my colleague na single entry lang... I really need prayers this time...

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