Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Most Memorable Christmas Ever

This Christmas has been a memorable one, a day with my family that I would never forget. And the celebration did not just end in one day, moreso, the recently concluded family reunion was a blast! We didn't expect that there would be a lot to attend this year, we, as the organizers, are so glad that many now includes the reunion as part of their Christmas tradition, that even if relatives from Calamba is literally living so far, they attended the party and they were complete. Too bad, I'm the one assigned in the gifts and raffle prizes, I was not able to get pics, but I know Ate Baby got better pics. Now, everyone in the family is looking forward to our annual reunion, including me!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Half of Me Left Behind

Am here in the PI, back to my homeland..BUT! Half of me is not home,literally and figuratively... My luggage is currently sleeping at AMSTERDAM, while am back to my own room... My things doesn't want to leave Europe behind! Well, so is my heart... Even if it was a short while, I am so in love with Germany, and it's people... But I still hope my things would go home tomorrow!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Birthday Surprise

I think I was about to cry when Herr Nimpsch opened the breakfast box... A cake and kreppel (but I called it donut when "Schnappi" bought some two days ago)!

They are just so sweet... I will surely miss them when I get back to the Philippines...

Speaking of going home, our flight is tomorrow na, and I am excited as well...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lost Chance

Para sa araw na ito, iba ang trainer ko na engineer, (kaya iba din ang language ko sa blog na ito).

"You kennst Haxen?" tanong nya in mixed German-English,

That's The Reason Why

So, the support team of responded to me quick, and now gave me the reason why it's acting that way for weeks now, my current IE is no longer supported. Ang jologs talga ng Emerson, IE5.0 pa din kahit super updated na ang IE, and worse, there are better browsers out there (am talking about Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome), browsers that would never give you a headache, and could help you upload or download faster! Enough said, am not paid by them, it's free advertisement.

Also, I played around and logged in to FS again this morning. I was laughing, when I saw tons of messages on my inbox, and a lot of bulletin boards (luckily no comments!), all containing the same contents that made me hate them that much. Most of my friends posted bulletin saying to ignore those stuff, well, yeah, we know it since forever, that it's FS system doing the bitching around. One of my friends also said that he will leave FS too! Well, I challenge him to do it NOW, like what I did. Then, one person who knows too much about some stuff in terms of IT, posted that it is actually not having your account hacked or whatsoever, it is a VIRUS, that when you open it, of course, it will infest your personal system and network. So, now it's clearer for me, and have my FS totally cancelled, not just hibernating... :) I don't need it anyway, I have my Multiply account upgraded to Premium account, and I have Facebook wherein I can do a lot of stuff similar to FS, and much, much BETTER... ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All Mixed Up

We will be flying home this Saturday. I am both excited and sad... There are a lot of things on my mind. I do miss my family, especially my mom. I miss my friends, especially those that I have planned to meet before I left for training, and our dates were always cancelled due to unwanted weather. I miss the warmth of the city, and the feeling of Christmas in the Philippines.

But at the same time, I feel like I don't want to go home, yet. Well, one reason is, as discussed with Ody one dinner night at Triangulum Restaurant, all the questions awaiting me in the Philippines. Questions that usually pops out of nowhere during family reunion, and other Christmas parties. Questions like:

1) How's life? How's LOVElife?

2) How's work? Do you have new BF now? 

3) Who's your boyfriend nowadays?

4) Why no new BF till this time?

5) Why are you not with your boyfriend?

Those are just example of the introductory questions. I tell you, even if I answer those with these:

1) I am doing great being SINGLE.

2) I am fully enjoying my work now without anyone bothering me.

3) Ahm, still waiting.

4) It's because I want to get rich faster, and if I get a BF now, I might not be that focused on my mission.

5) Ahm, sorry, I don't need to bring one, I don't need a bodyguard.

...there would still be follow up statements after that: YOU SHOULD GET A BOYFRIEND NOW.

And there would definitely be one additional question when I get back: Have you met someone there in Germany?

Thanks to Ody, for teaching me the answer: I met a lot, now I am undecided.

Ranting all these stuff, I begin to think, is it really expected out of me to get a new BF now? So what if I am 25 now? I wonder why the family is so affected with me not having a new BF for 3 years?

I am not that old yet to enjoy life being single, isn't it?

Another thing, I am enjoying the freedom I get here, too much freedom, a certain kind of freedom that I don't enjoy that much in the Philippines. That's another reason why I feel like I don't want to go home.

My Sister's Keeper

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author:Jodi Picoult
"This is from the back of the book: "Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister Kate can somehow fight leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. The product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), Anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate-a life role that she has never challenged . . . until now. Like most teenagers, Anna is beginning to question who she truly is. But unlike most teenagers, she has always been defined in terms of her sister-and so Anna makes a decision that for most would be unthinkable, a decision that will tear her family apart and have perhaps fatal consequences for her sister she loves.""

I have finished reading this months ago, but still, I am not over with its story. I am still reacting like Jodi's son "why should it end that way?" Before I left Philippines, I am already starting with the other book by Jodi Picoult, but still, I cannot finish it since my mind is still with "My Sister's Keeper." I don't have a sister nor a brother, but still, I get to be very much affected. I have read a lot of books in my life, but THIS particular book is the FIRST one to make me CRY. It is well-written, that it will keep you hooked till the last page. Its words are striking and it will turn your room into the courtroom where the story revolves.

One great novel I definitely suggest for reading this holiday. It will make you feel more grateful about your family, regardless of what your family is currently going through.

And before I forget, this book will be on big screen by mid of year 2009. Starring Cameron Diaz as Sara Fitzgerald, Alec Baldwin as Campbell Alexander, and Abigail breslin as Andromeda "Anna" Fitzgerald. I am looking forward for this movie, and hope they could give justice to the book.


Yes, I upgraded my Multiply account, I am now a premium account holder!

Waste of money? I don't really care, let's just say, that's how satisfied I am with Multiply compared to other cyber spaces out there, that I was convinced to do this upgrade... ü

I Am So In Love With Myself

And I am happy about it... I so love myself... ü

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Patay ako sa IT

Every start of the week, I have a ticket waiting at the IT table. Last time was not my fault, but this time, I admit, it's my fault. It is because I want to have my battery life longer, I changed DCP settings, and well, I clicked on the security options too! After an afternoon with our boss, when I got home to upload his video here, my notebook was asking for system or admin password already!

Huhuhu... Now I am blogging from the hotel's desktop. And tomorrow, for sure, patay ako kay Herr Wolf...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's Wrong

I am cleaning out my cyberworlds, and checking on my bloglists here, when I get to find this draft with the title:

I checked the content, all that was written was: " stands for what's-wrong-with" and nothing more. I tried to search the web if there is a website and maybe I could remember what I was about to say that time (I guess that was drafted when I was still with Hitachi), but I had no luck. No website as such, and if I type in what www stands for, it directs me to Psychological help websites of knowing certain diseases. Well, I'm pretty sure I did not mean that way, about diseases or anything.

Now, the question is, what could I have meant that time? I wish I can still remember it. But it don't matter anyway, I deleted that draft already. :D

Update! Update!

I posted here as my first blog that I and Ariel were going out... Just to make it clear again, that was only ONCE!

After that time, I realized, I don't like him anymore. He is totally not the person I used to like before.

Well, at least, I was able to prove that, ALL PEOPLE CHANGE...

And so do I...

Cyberworlds Retiring Away From Me

I don't need to choose which cyber world should I keep, or something. They are starting to get away from me by themselves. First, having FS pissing me off made me decide to move all my pics to Multiply and my direct my friends to use Multiply and Facebook. Then, I tried to log into my blog to share some sentiments and everything, but I can't. I tried to log on my Deutsch blog, and also the same, I can't log in. So, I decided to stick with my blogspot account, FOR GOOD.

So, as an update, you can OFFICIAL find me on three cyberspaces from now on:

See yah on my new worlds...

Moving and Out

I have decided to leave Friendster behind, despite the number of friends I got there, which ranges from first grade years to present. Well, it's a good decision anyway, for I also got "friends" there, which, I am not sure if I really know them in real life. Some lives on the same town I lived for ten years, some went to same schools and university I went to, but their names doesn't ring a bell to me. I admit, maybe some of my friends there doesn't know me as well, but maybe they've just forgotten me, as for me, I know them, and for once, they became my friends.

If FS would ask me reasons why I am moving out of their system, I guess these are the reasons I am about to give them:

1. Your system maintenance ALWAYS affects my page, deleting some friends, and adding people I don't know I have on my list before. This is true, the first hit on me was when they deleted my customized layout, the very first layout I was able to make on my own, was deleted just like that. Also, as far as my memory is concerned, I only have around 250 friends, and after series of system maintenance, my friends rose to 584! Whoa! They added me to my friends' friends list as well!

2. Your system is prone to hackers and spammers. I don't need to explain this, a lot of my friends encountered the same. I am not sure if somebody is using my account too, to post random comments and messages to my friends, and I don't care anymore if he or she does. TO HELL WITH THEM.

3. You do not have original ideas. Networking was from MySpace, blogging capability and unlimited photo uploads from Multiply, I guess, and lately, applications from Facebook! Know what, I appreciate the old Friendster more. The time when you are limited to only 500 friends max, when there was no blogging capability, when HTML codes are not yet supported, and when you can post only limited photos on your page. At least during those time, you can choose the friends to add on your precious 500 list, comments are really testimonials about who you are, not those HTML stuffs that eats up your bandwidth, and photos just shows how you look as of this time, for those friends who you don't see anymore.

4. Your privacy option is not for real. If this is not so, then maybe reason number 2 would not exist.

5. Multiply and Facebook can make me more satisfied. Enough said, I don't want to explain on this part.

If Friendster would go back to what it was 5 years ago, maybe, they can win me back. I miss the old Friendster, I miss the good, old times with them. But since they chose to go with the current changes, and everything, then, it is bye-bye time for me...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Not My Best Day

I hate and like this day... I've been so pissed off since this morning... I have posted much about it in the forum, I don't want to go into details again... Then, my colleague e-mailed me about my baby kringle, and his code is "Karinyo Brutal." Then, I asked about the wishlist that guy posted on our bulletin board at Manila. Here's what his wish is: 1 year subscription of Funny Komiks!!!

Whoever he is, I'll kill him when I get back to Manila!!! He pissed me off even more!!! I will kill Karinyo Brutal when I get home!!! Grrr...

Birthday pa naman ni Harlene, at ganito ako... Kainis talga...




Good thing, the WiFi here at the hotel did not added up to the reasons why I am pissed off, last night it was out, good thing it's back today...


There are a lot of photos taken at Frankfurt, with Ody and the latest one was with Jenah last Sunday, but I just uploaded these pictures that I like best... Mostly are Frankfurt by night... ;)

I Wanna Go Home

Not only because I wanna see my family... But more so because I can't stand being with that person any longer... I need a break... I wonder if Ody feels the same about that person too...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time Running Fast

In two weeks' time, I will be back to the PI... Back to the warm weather, back to busy streets of Manila, back to my real world... I'm feeling indifferent and at the same time excited...

I miss my family, I miss my friends... I'm sad I am gonna miss the Paskuhan as well... A lot of things that I miss back home... But I am also at home here at Hessen...

Yes, I am brown, I am Asian, but they don't care about that, they accepted us... THEY LIKE US... And I am going to miss them as well...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cleaning Up My Closet

I deleted some widgets off my page. Why? Wala lang, it's just some kinda crowded with all those widgets around my page, which I don't use anyway. Now, it's back to its old self, except of course for the theme that I really love, plain, dark, gloomy, yet speaks about me directly.

I hope this cleaning up would help me clean up my own too. I'll be back to Philippines in few weeks, I hope that I could live up my life back there according to what I had contemplated and planned while I was here for training.

Enough said, I don't want to go into details, I might eat up my words again.

Tiring but Crazy Day

This day is totally crazy! Here's what happened today:

1. It's raining the whole day, not snow this time, but just rain.

2. I have dysmenorrhea, so I was not able to eat my breakfast, I was nauseating the whole morning, bad start of the day.

3. The manager was out of the office, without notice (AWOL kumbaga, hahahaha!This marked the start of a very good day, despite the dysmenorrhea.).

4. We didn't ordered ahead at the cafeteria so we had to eat our lunch outside the office (and it took us an hour and half outside again).

5. After lunch, my trainer, Helmut, said I can buy off my time, go back to production anytime I feel going back (I thought, what?!? we went out too long, and you're allowing me to do nothing?) but I felt guilty so I went back at quarter before 2pm.

6. We were telling jokes and stories for half an hour.

7. Worked on the customer's software revision for an hour.

8. Had some coffee for 30 minutes (only Helmut and Uwe, I was just busy chatting and browsing the net, and the whole production and admin was already looking for the two guys I am with since Helmut is the boss when the Big Boss is out).

9. I went to the toilet for 15 minutes because Aunt Flo's here, grrr! (That's the nastiest for this day, it hurts real bad!)

10. Checked on the status of our analyzers at the temperature chamber and long term reliability test for 30 minutes.

11. Prepared shipping documents for one of the analyzers, and left the other four for tomorrow.

So, if we are to calculate my efficiency this day based on the analyzers or customer requests, that is, 2 completed tasks divide by 6 analyzers at hand equals 33%... Hmmm, not bad at all, hahaha! I'm bad...

Talking about the old saying:

"Pag wala ang pusa, magulo ang daga."

Applicable din pala sa mga German yun?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleepy but Itching To Blog

Hotel internet connection is a freak... When Ody was here, it was down all the time, actually, it started Tuesday last week... And now, it's up and running again... It's good it's back, however, I feel somewhat bad because I did boast them to Ody, but when she got here, there was not WiFi in my room... Oh well, that's life...

I am sleepy, but I haven't eaten my dinner yet. Now that Ody is gone, I'm back to take out and noodles dinner, my friend and colleague, Jenah, is too afraid to go out in the cold. It's true, it's cold, but I don't wanna die hungry as well... I'm back to venturing Gelnhausen on my own at night to find a place to eat...

I am sleepy, yet here I am, blogging... I have been itching to blog for a week now, and since the WiFi is down, I was not able to do that, and I don't do this in the office as well, I am serious with my work there, I enjoy the company of male engineers there, I am their princess and Melanie is the queen, hahaha!

I am sleepy, but I have to eat first... So I gotta go, I gotta pig in my cup noodles now... :D

Things I Want To Do Before I Die

I think I can now die, I got to do some things I want to do first. Top of my list is, be able to step the land of Germany, and well, currently, I am stepping on it... I got a good job, not that rewarding monetarily, but still, I know, I belong... I had a boyfriend before, which did not work, but that's fine, at least, I did had a boyfriend even once... I got to see a snow, yeah, too shallow, but that's simply one great way of rewarding myself... I got to witness a sunset even if it snows, and I got to see sunset and sunrise here in Germany...I got the role in Cenakulo, which Alan said would be impossible before...

Basic things that completes my bucket list is almost done, and even if there are things left undone, I don't care, I am ready now... I can now die...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a day!

The snow started to fall already, but it's what they call a wet one, mixture of rain and ice. Here around the hotel, one wouldn't notice it, unless it starts to build up on the car's roof. It's because it melts here easily because of the river beside us, they said it's warmer here (huh?-3 deg is warm!). So Gertrud, our plant manager's secretary gave us a call and asked if we want to see the first snow falls and step on it, so we said, yes, of course! She picked us up at half past 3, and went directly to their farm at Geiselbach, a village at Barbaria (in city of Munich). Everything was white already from afar, but if you get to see it up close, you can still see the soil, really thin! And the snow falls are small balls, not that big yet, and it do feels wet, wet snow is indeed a right term.

Afterwards, we headed to meet her daughter, however, we didn't find her, we ended watching Bernhard on his final exercise for the orchestral concert tomorrow. I was surprised, our Software Engineer is a known conductor here! Then, I asked her what Glühwein tastes like, she said, "we'll get one tonight, let's go to Aschaffenburg, there is a flower fair and they serve Glühwein." And off we went, but before going there for the wine, we go see the castle first somewhere, but too bad, it was already dark, the photos aren't that good anymore. We'll just go back there one day for the Kodak moments, since it's just one train ride, riding a Santa's train for only 50eu back and forth...

But nothing beats the happiness I felt as I watch the snow falls by the farm, with the beautiful view of sunset... It's something priceless! No words can describe how happy we were by the farm on that mountain. I wish we could go back there one day when the snow is pretty thick...


it's half empty already... :D

Yeah, finally I was able to taste the Glühwein! Thank you so much Gertrud for this great day! It's red wine, no doubt, only STEAMING HOT and served in mugs, not on wine glasses. There were lemon slices on the pot, but I can't taste the lemon on my drinks. And I was amazed by the kids there who drinks it bottoms up! But what's good with it was, I never felt anything after, it's like I just had a hot tea.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Flight back to Pinas

Start:     Dec 20, '08 11:00a
End:     Dec 21, '08
I'm so excited! Yey!

Phoenix Generation

I came across the Friendster account of our HS batch... Grabe, kakamiss... Nakaka-touch din ang content ng graduation invitation namin... At ang ganda na ng facilities ng CALC ha, walang wala sa facilities na kinalakihan at minahal ko...

I miss high school so much... Wish I could turn back time...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Updating the Outdated

Okay, I’ve been here at Germany for like 11 days now, and not even a blog was made here! Well, it isn’t my fault! The IT issued this notebook a little too late (and take note, not even one tool is up now!!!).
How do I find Germany? Hmmm… Good question! I’ll try to put into list the things that I like and do not find that interesting living here, though I don’t have much experience yet since I’ve never been to other places other than Gelnhausen and Hasselroth where my hotel and company is located respectively.
1. I love the weather, though it’s very cold compared to Philippines, I think I can deal with it, even if at times I do get a nosebleed due to too much low temperature when I go out at night. Currently, it’s raining, and we’re expecting wet snow by tomorrow.
2. I love the language. Well, I did love it ever since, I just got the chance to see a lot of native speakers of Deutsch here (not only Ody this time, hehehe), and they’re so cute.
3. I like the people. Except for that two drunkards that made me ran last Saturday, I like everyone. Everyone greets everyone by the street, the shops, the church and the restaurants. They are all so friendly unlike what most people think Germans are (I even have a crush on one of the engineers, ssshhh!).
4. Most of them are Catholic too, so I love their religion as well.
5. I love the places I so far had been. Well, Gelnhausen in particular is so beautiful, with the old houses, and churches, it made me feel like I’m travelling back to Romanticism era. I’ll try to post some pics here, only after I get the chance to borrow the data cable from my friend, hehehe…
6. I hate the food. There are foods that do get what my tastebuds are craving for, but then, they are in gigantic serving! But most foods already tastes bland for me, and I hate it.
7. I hate the length of flight! It’s sooooo long and tiring!!!
That’s it for now! I’ll try to add up on the list when I get to see other cities, and that is probably when Ody comes around for vacation.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going Back To Where I Used To Be

My other cyberspace is up and running again, been blogging there for days already, but I chose to blog here today. Why? Because this is the place where I know my emotions most fit in.

For months, I thought I'm fine, or maybe I just bought that idea to keep myself off from thinking too much. Then, out of the blue, here it comes again. I know I can't blame anybody, all I can blame on right now is myself. Why can't I completely move on? Why do I keep on hurting myself? Why do I continuously love him and hope that there'll be another chance for us again? Why am I so blind and weak when it comes to him? Why can't I just utter the words goodbye whenever I'm facing him?

I hate him for making my life miserable, but I hate myself more than anybody else for loving him despite everything that's obviously happening between us.

The time is not right, we both know that. There won't be an "us" again, we know that, but we keep our eyes closed on those facts. I'm so stupid that I don't know what to do and say without hurting him in anyway.

Damn it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Current Blogsite is Down

Darn it! I cannot blog at my blog for 3 days now, ampf!

yun lang, hahaha!

Oo nga pala, I got home at 1:30am from work, coz of the meeting. Well, am still somewhat lucky, kasi earlier daw, there was a shoot out sa area where I usually pass by (Munoz market), according to my tito. Katakot talga, then by 27th, 12mn na out ko, huhuhu... Kakatakot talga pag ganung time even if madami pa ding people dito sa Metro. Oh well, what can I do? That's what my work calls for.

Then on the 1st of November, lipat kami ng station beside the web support, grrr!

By the way, it's my Schengen Visa interview this coming Tuesday, so wish me luck! And pray for me to pass it, multiple visa kasi inapply sa kin ng manager ko eh... Unlike my colleague na single entry lang... I really need prayers this time...


Oo nga pala, I got home at 1:30am from work, coz of the meeting. Well, am still somewhat lucky, kasi earlier daw, there was a shoot out sa area where I usually pass by (Munoz market), according to my tito. Katakot talga, then by 27th, 12mn na out ko, huhuhu... Kakatakot talga pag ganung time even if madami pa ding people dito sa Metro. Oh well, what can I do? That's what my work calls for.

Then on the 1st of November, lipat kami ng station beside the web support, grrr!

By the way, it's my Schengen Visa interview this coming Tuesday, so wish me luck! And pray for me to pass it, multiple visa kasi inapply sa kin ng manager ko eh... Unlike my colleague na single entry lang... I really need prayers this time...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Updates! Updates!

Funny, I blogged my rants first thing here after being absent for more than a month...

Updates! Updates!

First, Germany invitation is already on its way, so probably, Visa application will commence next week.

Second, there's a little friction in the office due to the upcoming migration thing, and now, our division is caught in between, grrr!

Third, as what I had blogged earlier, grrr!

Fourth, Christmas and New Year will be celebrated here in the Philippines! Yipee! Be back by December 2 and leave again by January 10... Whoa! They do got a lot of money to spend, huh!

Fifth, I miss this site...I hate it, blogger is not allowed, plus, my proxy was already detected by the IT, so I cannot access the FS as well. Boring life, I know, but I have to bear with it till my Citrix access is up... Just a few more months to wait...

Pressured Ako!

Okay, so now Ate Shie has a bf na...And Jen2 has her too...Now, all eyes are on me...

"Why don't get a new one now?"

Damn it!

But luckily, I love Ate Shie's line: "wait till 30's to get a new one..."


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Came From A Visit

I just came from a visit, and of all the visits I've done, this branch was the worst... Well, what to expect if the mall itself seems to have been left behind and forgotten by time... But I guess, that is not a reason for them not to stay on standards...

I hope my report would awaken their management and do something on that store...


Blogging Again Before the Start of the Week

Just came from a store visit and I am not satisfied this time. I think I did not felt full this time after dining out... I did not like the food presented and the place was dirty... I hope my report would help them out...

Me and my friends are supposed to be having coffee after my visit, but then, Jay got afraid of the rain and asked it to be postponed... and it happened again! I hope next week it'll push through na... Sobrang tagal ng plan na di matuloy-tuloy eh...

September 7 would be the UAAP CDC! And me and my cousin is planning to go... Siguro dun na lang ako sasama sa pack, tagal na nila ko hinahanap, according sa forum namin, hahaha! Sa CDC, I'll do my best na makapunta, kahit pa puyat ako from Summit ng September 6.

Yes, September 6 may Summit kami sa SMX and it's going to be '80's theme! And I still don't have anything to wear for that day! Sayang ang 15k if di ako mageeffort sa costume noh!

I am gonna miss this site again for a week... Another week without blogspot...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogging Back Again: Eraserheads Update

It's been a month, and I really miss this site... But what can I do, eh banned eto sa office...

Don't worry, I'd still visit this site from time to time....

One week to go and it's Eraserheads' reunionm conceert, but so far, here are the updates about the concert ticket err VIP passes:

1. Michael Buhay pa din ang laman ng Marlboro site according to listers
2. Nagmessage si Marcus pero gaya pa din ng dati, kaadikan lang ang mensahe.
3. Nasa kongreso pa din ang issue ng DOH sa PM at E-heads
4. Nilipat daw sa Fort Open Ground ang venue.
5. Nagtatanong na din ako sa sarili ko kung matutuloy pa ba ang ma-issue na concert na ito...

Hay, kahit kelan talga, laging may issue ang E-heads, kaya naman patok sila lagi sa masa...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Earning More...!

Kala ko nung una joke lang, sabi nung manager ko, check ko website para malaman ko na totoo sila, pero dapat sa kanya ko mag-register para mas mabilis ma-process ang application ko... So go naman ako, dahil kilala ko sya, at credible ang background nya (fyi, manager po sya ng QA sa Hitachi GST). Bigay ko lahat ng need na information nya, tapos eto lang gagawin ko:

1. Certify ko sarili ko online as soon as mareceive ko na shopper ID ko at password sa mail.

2. Certify ko sarili ko sa brand na ivvisit ko.

-at both yan nagawa ko in 1 hour lang. Tpos call sya sa fone ko at eto ang step 3.

3. Visit the shop assigned (either Pizza Hut, KFC or Taco Bell). Wala gagawin, pasok sa restau, order ng gaya ng dati, gumamit ng CR, balik sa table, maghintay sa order, magbayad, kunin ang receipt at lumabas.

4. PAg-uwi, accomplish the report online gamit ang shopper ID at password na nasa e-mail.

5. Wait ng bagong assignment thru text or pwede din mag-assign sa sarili sa website.

6. Wait ng 1 month, at lahat ng nagastos mo, plus token fee isesend sa BDO account mo, or G-cash or Smart Money, kung alin dyan ang naging option ko, yun ay ang BDO.

at ang pinaka-importante sa lahat:

7. KEEP YOURSELF A SECRET sa lahat ng store na pupuntahan mo.

Nabusog na ko, may pera pa ko... Maliit nga lang ang token fee, Php120 per visit, pero ok na din, kasi lahat naman ng ginastos ko sa pag-dine or take out or delivery, lahat yun binalik din eh.

Kaw, interested ka din ba? Email mo lang ako, at isesend na ni Miss Kaye ang invitation nya sa 'yo para makasama ka na din namin. Mga taga-QC area, I encourage you to join, maawa kayo sa kin, mag-isa lang ako nagrround sa lahat ng store sa buong QC (huhuhuhu...)...

e-mail me at:

Enjoy your meal, Ma'am/ Sir!


Edited: Kahit sa'n pwede, di lang Manila, paki-send na lang ng mail sa live account ko para ma-sendan namin kayo ng details and invitation.

James, censya, di ko makareply sa comment mo, naka-proxy lang ako eh... Bulacan ka, pwedeng pwede ka din! Email mo na lang ako... ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Rainy Days Again... :(

After few days of a beautiful sunshine, here comes the rain again... How I wish I'm still a student, so I don't have to struggle with flood and heavy rains. All I have to do is tuck myself under my blanket and sleep... But then, I am already part of the real world, and I have nothing else to do with that, unless I go back to school as M.S. student, which I no longer consider...

There's another storm that's within the country, and named after my best friend, Karen. Yep, Karen is the name... And it's really raining cats and dogs since early this morning. I felt lazy to leave the house, especially when I heard that classes are suspended in Metro Manila. But I have to leave because the sad part is, I AM NO LONGER A STUDENT....

I miss high school days... I miss college days... I miss those days that has gone by...

Real world is here, and I have to face it. Tonight, upon going home, wish me safety to reach our house amidst this great storm named Karen...

I suddenly missed Karen...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Living My Life Anew

I am now starting my life anew. I've been with Sykes now for more than a month, and I am loving my life. I don't have to wake up too early to catch the shuttle, nor should I force myself to sleep at night when I still want to do other stuff.

This is the life that I really wanted, and I am loving it.


By the way, I started another blog at dot ph. You may visit it, though it's totally new, I've posted the URL below for you:


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Better Life

I dunno if this is always normal. when you are in the middle of your blogging, when you suddenly lost your connection, and you have to re-type everything again... It's just that all my ideas were already put into words,and found out there was no draft saved (oh well, my fault too, I did not start my blog here, I made it directly at Multiply), so here I am again, re-typing what was already said...

A better life, I could say it has already begun. I got the job I was waiting for, I got the chance now to visit that country that I could only imagine during our classes way back in college. Yes, I am already with them, and soon will be flying to Germany for 2 months training. After which, I will be bonded to them for 2 years. Well, 2 years is not that long, but then, together with the bond is me not being able to transfer from one division to another (from Germany to US or APAC), not even to other department (Process to Training)... Well, I guess, July 17 really marked the last day for me to see "him". No chance for me to be part of their training team, not only because of the bond, but more so because our company will soon be separated from our existing company that bonds us right now. It's the sad part of being bonded and being part of this very strong company, that they have the potential of standing on its own. But the best part of this is, I got a tenure, I would never ever have any chance of being unemployed, I will have this job for the rest of my life. And I was able to say that not merely because of the 2 year bond I will have after this initial training in Germany on August, but more so because my German manager wants us to visit Germany twice each year for training, hence, the 2 years bond will always be renewed every year, and in this case, the APAC visits are not yet included on that.

Now, I can confidently say that life has been so good, and the best of life is already here. All I need to do is take good care of it and hold on to it. Life has been so good to me, I could not ask for more, and I AM LOVING IT! ;)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Time Has Come

I had always wanted to blog this out but due to some unknown reasons, I do not have my access at the office again!

Damn IT, they don't want to give me back my internet, I will be staying for two more weeks na lang naman eh...

Yes, I resigned, and the reason why? It's because I got the job at Emerson, and I will be startiong with them on the 7th, though, I don't know yet when my flight will be going to Germany, but I'm just overly excited... See, I have been reviewing my German language time and again, hahaha!

Wish me luck at Emerson!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

getting impatient

it's monday and there's no update still regarding my past medical examination... sigh! i'm getting impatient here and i really want to leave... but if i am not going to be called again, i am fully aware of the reason anyway, there was a finding regarding my heart condition... i'm afraid that my childhood condition is repeating... and this is all because of the stress and problems that i had gone through and currently going through...

i want to break free... i want a new life... i want a new place... this place isn't the place for me...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Beginning

This is my nth blog ever... Created this to be some sort of my online dear diary... Only me and me alone can read this... Anyway, to start with...

Currently, I am killing my time for doing one thing for three days now: GENERATE A NEW SCHEDULE FOR THE CHEMICAL GROUP OPERATORS. This is sooooo difficult for all of them comes from 14 groups, and our new manager wants them on two groups, whoa! How can I make it that way? I am no good with planning or anything... How I wish it's Wednesday so that I can already complete my medical and forward my resignation on this damn company... Am no longer happy here... I want to be away from here... Away forever, and no coming back... I want to visit Germany with my new co-employees and friends... I'm so excited I wanna do it all as soon as possible...

By the way, me and Ariel are dating again... How I wish this will go on smoothly this time... However, I am confused... There's no more magic this time... Being with him is just like any ordinary day, unlike when I am with Mickey... But Mickey and I are no longer an icon, 'coz he chose to settle down with his nightmare... So I guess, it's going to be me all alone till the end...

So far, that's the latest with my life and I am not good with that... Except of course for my appontment on Wednesday...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bye, Tito Danny... I Will Never Ever Forget You...

May 14th of 2008...

One memorable date for me, as this reminds me of that someone, 3 years ago...

And now, this date will be memorable for the rest of my life...

6:30am: I was asleep at the office when I felt someone tapped my lap. I woke up and saw no one around me... So I went back to sleep till the bell rang... And went on with my work...

1:30pm: My cousin went online with the status message: Life is too short. I greeted her belated happy birthday since the 12th was her birthday and I was not able to greet her... She said thanks and told me the worst news this year.... Our beloved, Tito Danny passed away that morning...

I was not able to control my feelings, I cried at the office... I cried and cried and tried to call my mom. But she was not answering the phone. I don't want to believe the bad news, but in my heart, I know it was the truth...

4:00pm: Mom already texted me saying she doesn't want to tell me yet until my interview was done, but then, my couz already told me, and it's better to tell me the truth. My mom knew I won't be okay... I had double thinking about the interview, I wanna go home and see my beloved tito, but then Loi told me to attend my interview, my tito will guide me... Still, I was lucky that the client had important family matters as well, and the interview was called off, or else, I might have not been able to answer his questions.

11:30pm: Even if I am sleepy, I chose to go straight to the chapel first before going home, despite the fact that I have work the following day. I felt pity, it was so difficult for me to see his body lying lifeless, at an improvised bed, because no coffin fits him. I cried seeing him on that situation, and held his cold hand... But all we can do is wait for the coffin to be built for him, he's just too big to fit on ordinary coffins available...

1:30am: We went home and slept. When I closed my eyes, I saw him watching over me as I fell asleep. I cried and cried till I was deeply slumbered...

I was planning to forget May 14, since this was the start of a bitter feeling, yet, tito made this another memorable one... He taught me one thing on his leaving: Forgetting does not cure all the pain, it is accepting...

We will surely miss our Santa Claus... I will surely miss his teachings and his strict way of teaching us life... I will surely miss his laughs and his tap... It was him who tapped my lap when I was asleep, bidding me goodbye... I will surely miss the good old days... All those days when he became a father to me, when he filled in all the emptiness I feel, when he filled in all the things that my own father cannot fill in... I am not a direct niece, for my mom is just his wife's first cousin, and yet, he treated me like his own daughter already... Get mad when I am going astray, and takes pride of my successes... I could never forget how he told evveryone he knows that he got a niece who passed the PRC exam and now a CHEMIST... He took pride of me, and boosted my morale,and made me feel how great it is to be a CHEMIST...

Now, he's gone, with the One Above... I don't know what life is ahead for me and my mom... He's our sole family and protector... He made us feel that we are not alone... I know and I am feeling it now, how big the difference is without him in our life... Tito Danny will always be Tito Danny, no one could ever replace him... A father not only for Kuya Dondon, Ate Dona, Ate Jessica and Kuya Tomtom, but also a father to all his niece and nephew regardless of the degree, a father of Taysan National High School, a father of Brgy. Taysan, a father of all seminarians, and a father of the whole San Jose, Batangas... The town's Big Brother, our family's Santa Claus, every youth's Daddy, and every laborer's Lawyer.

I love you Tito Danny, I may have not thanked you enough when you were alive, but I know, you know how thankful I am I got you as an uncle, for without you, I don't know where I will be right now, and I don't know what could have been the circumstances of our family life if we do not have you around when you were still alive...

I will miss you most... I love you... I am praying for your eternal happiness... Please watch over me everyday,and tap me everytime I do the same mistakes... Don't leave us behind, and don't let any of us go astray...


See you at the cross roads, Tito Danny...

Friday, May 9, 2008


i've been like this since yesterday that i even forgot it was my grandfather's 10th death anniversary (sorry, mamay...)

first news that came to me was the reorganization that will take place SOON..and soon means next week...not next year, nor next month, but next week...part of the reorganization is the transfer of chemprep from slg to something independent...and i was offered to be included on that move...

second news, there is an urgent need for a new safety engineer, to replace ma'am auds who will be resigning soon...this position is one of my dream be a safety engineer...

third news, a phone call, from a dream company...i was shortlisted by them and i am endorsed for client interview this thursday (may 15) supposedly, but then it was moved earlier, may 14, this time...

alright, so this blog is a week delayed since i started writing this...

the interview was cancelled again, and that will push through on monday...pray for me...

the transfer was not yet official, since there's no memo yet, however, i am currently reporting to 2 managers...

safety engineer position is no longer for me, my managers didn't agreed to give me to sir ed, that's the sad part of it... so i do hope that i can make it on my interview so that i can already leave this worst nightmare of my life...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Lost My First Blog Ever

i was readign through my blogs here, and oh well, I did some stupidity last October, when all characters here were in Japanese still...

I DELETED MY BLOGS that was dated December of 2006 till September of 2007.

so it appears now that i started blogging here only last october, when in fact, i started this a month after i started my gmail account (which i'm not quite sure but i guess that was in November of 2006).

wala na ko proofs ng mga lamentations ko sa previous jobs ko and how i landed on that job, including my most frustrating experience working at salinas for a month, and a very memorable christmas eve of 2006, all those stories were gone, and i could no longer get hold of again... all were lost because of one reason:


Are You Drunk?!?

Last night, me and my team went on a small dinner celebration at Gilligan's Island at Festival Mall, Alabang. Had some drinking sessions, and most of them sang. I could not understand why they, most specially Jolly, kept on telling me I was drunk last night, when in fact I AM NOT! Throughout my drinking days, I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEING DRUNK yet, not ever.

I first had a bitter taste of beer when I was in third year high school. That was during Lipa Fiesta at my best friend's house. Kuya Sam brought us some bottles of Pale Pilsen, yup, Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light was not yet available in the market that time. I was able to finish one bottle only, not because I got drunk, but because I started to get red. I dunno, maybe I am allergic to malt, or something, (weird however, coz my daily morning beverage is composed of malt, Milo has malt right?). So there, but it did not hindered me from drinking. The next drinking I made was with my cousins, I think, GIN POMELO, but mixed for the ladies, and that was a few months after my first try (summer of '99 to be exact). Since then, drinking has always been part of every occasion I attend to. The worst drinking that I did was during Aimee's debut, November of 2002. Her step father owns this mini mart at our town, and they do have liquor section. After the program, we started to sit around and open some drinks, we did not planned to have an actual drinking, we just want to finish one bottle of Fundador, at least. So we started with Fundador, with NO CHASER! But after finishing Fundador, we were craving for more, so we opened anotehr Fundador, then Johnny Walker, then Gilbey's Gin, then Novellino, then a white wine which I forgot the brand, then champagne (yes, champagne went last), until we turned the bar down. My friends still wants some more, so we opened the mini mart, and went to the liquor section, and took whatever we find on the counter. We had 3 bottles more of red wine (varying brands), 2 bottles of Gilbey's, another Fundador, a vodka and a tequila. Most are already crawling due to drunkenness, and some were already asleep on the table after finishing the last bottles we got. While 5 of us were not yet affected by the alcohol we just take, we went to the rooftop and waited for the dawn. We wanna go home, but the gates are closed still, it'll open up by 7am. I am not sure, but I think I am slightly drunk that time, coz I told them, I want to climb the gates and get away. But of course, the gates won over me, I was not able to get home early. The earlier I wanna get home, the later I was able to do so, because after watching the beautiful sunrise, we went downstairs and cleaned the function hall. We were so tired that we went inside Aimee's bedroom, we all fell asleep. Before we knew it, Aimee's mom was waking us up for LUNCH, yup, FOR LUNCH, and it was actually late for lunch as well, coz it was already 1:30PM. Okay, maybe you'd say I was drunk and I just didn't felt it, I was not, we were just tired cleaning up the mess and all the puke the party goers left (it's really, ewww to clean those stuff!). Next drinking session that I hated was the following summer, Summer of 2003. It was my cousin's birthday and we just thought of renting the nearest pool, and party, without drinks, of course. But my dear best-friend former suitor came along with his brother and sister, carrying with him a box of Ginebra San Miguel and a pitcher. He went out and bought one pack of pomelo flavored powder juice, and mixed gin with the juice on the pitcher. I didn't know how he made it, but he told his sister not to join us, I thought what he only cares about was because she was too young by then to join sessions like that. The pitcher was already halved, and I felt I wanna pee, that was also the only time I noticed I was the only girl in the group, 4 of my cousins and him, I stood up and said I am going to the washroom, he called his sister and told her to accompany me, I said I can handle myself, but when I tried to take my first step, waahhh! I almost fell, and I hugged the post. That time, I knew, the mix was made for guys, he did not diluted it with drinking water, I hated him that time! But that session made me increase my alcohol content even farther, maybe that's why I never get drunk even if I finish all that my drinking pals cannot finish. In our native language, I am "taga-salo".

So going back to last night, 4 bottles of San Mig Light cannot bring me down, that I am certain of. I may have turned red after a few bottles, but that was normal, I am not yet drunk. Only Tequila without chaser can put me down. I am not a drunkard, but my alcohol content is high, I can handle no matter how many bottles there are, I am not from Vilela family if I can be easily put down by mere San Mig Light. As what my friend always tell the people who doesn't know I drink, "She doesn't drink, yeah, I agree, but the statement doesn't end there, she doesn't drink beverages WITHOUT FLAVOR..." Hmmm...I should have thrown the question back to Jolly last night:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Non Sense Pics During Company Outing

Calbarzon.. On the way puntang Island Cove, di ako makatulog sa shuttle...

I don't have great pics ng outing. Pa'no, I hate the place, and I hate the event... Ang boring, I should have stayed at home na lang... nawalan pa ng bat ang cam ko, so wala talga.. I have pics sa cam ng ibang co-engineers ko kaso, wala eh, di ko makuha copies na meron ako, kasi I forgot na kung sino sino yung may cam na meron ako pic, hahaha! Kaya yan, napag-tripan ko na lang flip flops ko and glitter tattoo ko...

This Is Now Good Bye

I dunno if it's still proper to be sad... In fact, dapat masaya ko... totally, naka-move on na sya, and dapat, ako din... i checked on my other friendster account, and I saw na wala na sya sa friends list ko... Does it mean dinelete nya yun? I dunno, baka ang wife na overly jealous over me ang nag-delete... Whatever, okay lang dapat yun sa kin di ba? ewan ko ba bakit, parang, napataas ang kilay ko to know that and say, huh?!? what did I do para i-delete nya yun?

praning lang siguro talga wife nya over me, kasi mas maganda ko sa kanya, at her husband cannot totally get over me... Well, I guess, dapat mas kapraningan nya yung girl na ang daming comment sa profile ng asawa nya, di ako na napakatagal ng di nakikita ng husband nya, kahit pa ba pareho kaming andito sa Batangas... she doesn't know na may plans na husband nya na mag-work sa Manila, why? I dunno, I guess because of that girl, kasi once he texted me that he's somewhere at Manila, and guess where this young lady studies, sa PCU lang naman, nasa Manila area. Just a reason why he already stopped bugging me orr anything.


Whatever it is that he's so busy about right now, I don't care anymore. I'm gonna take it as a sign that he wants to move on already,and so should I.


Well, I guess, this is GOOD BYE... May he find his happiness now...

Goodbyes Are Not Forever

The past week has been a week of a lot of goodbyes. On the 1st of May, was the burial of Kuya Ed. It was heartwarming indeed to see the number of people who joined and sympathized as his family grieved his leaving. It was so sad, yet we know, he's more than happy now wherever he may be...

The morning of 1st as well, Shana's mom also passed away, but I am not sure what the reason of her death was... I was supposed to go to Bulacan and join her as she grieve, but then, a lot of things need to be done at the office, plus the interment on the 1st, while the kada went to Bulacan on the 1st. I will just offer a prayer for tita...

Day before the 1st, the 30th of April, Sir Dann, already filed his resignation... It's so great to know he's going to leave HICAP soon, meaning, there's more life ahead for us outside of HICAP. It brought back the hope in me, the hope to be able to leave HICAP... But at the same time, it's sad to know he's leaving, for he's the only person I get to be close with in the team, him and Jolly of course, and now that he will be leaving HICAP on the 9th of May, it then marks my being a loner again...

A lot of goodbyes to deal with in a week... A lot of leaving... But I know goodbyes are not forever... Soon we'll all meet again, somewhere, somehow...

I wish it's my time for goodbye this week as well...

Hello Stranger...

I wanna see this guy again... wanna hear him play the drums again... he makes the drums go wild the same way he do with my heart...

I caught him looking at me, but it ended up me staring at him... I can't take my eyes off of him even for a second... I like the way he smiles... The way he plays the drums... He's everything I want to know for now... Who are you, stranger? What's behind those eyes that makes me go ga-ga over knowing you?

Will we ever meet again? Will I soon get to know your name?

Who are you? Why do I feel this way for you? I want to know you, stranger... I wanna see you play the drums again and have my heart beat the way it beat last night...

I hope it won't be long to see you again, and finally get to know each other...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nightmare Began...(or was it the end of it?)

This morning, I woke up from a terrible nightmare. As in, I was still trembling and my heart's palpitation was too much for me to handle.

My dream was about this guy I have been avoiding for days now. I am avoiding him not because I don't like him, in fact, I used to like him (yeah, USED to...), but when things started to change, I started to move away... He no longer is the same guy I used to hang out with, a lot of things changed in him... His outlook in life and his attitude towards other people, most especially to me. I am not demanding him to give me utmost attention, but the reverse, I want his distance... For weeks, I started to be afraid of him, of what he could possibly do, that I sought help from a friend to overcome my fear of him, and be able to move like before. She did, she helped me by showing support and that she'll protect me from whatever he might be capable of doing, but then, he grew more aggressive and suddenly got mad at me for simply me not doing what he wants. Anyway, going back to my dream, I dreamt about him, not the usual stories of dreams, I dreamt he was dead, as in lifeless. In my dream, my mom and godmother told me a news about a family friend's son who passed away, mentioning the name, but my expression didn't changed at first, as if, I don't believe them, until we went to the wake. The place was similar, though the lay out of the house was different from theirs, but the place and the direction we are heading really looks like we're heading their house. We went inside, and I saw his mom in my dream, and my mom telling us stories of how thoughtful he was, for buying Nanay a dress, or something, which I cannot remember him doing in real life, so I thought it could be someone else, only the name was used. But when it was time to give respect to the remains, I screamed and cried (even in real life, I did!), for it was him inside the open coffin (kinda weird that the coffin was open but there's a body inside, anyway, it was a dream, and dreams always have weird stuffs)...Anyway, so that was the story of my dream, and I woke up screaming and crying and my heart pounding so fast as if I have ran a thousand-meter race.

That's the reason why I woke up earlier than usual, and was able to catch the second bus, yes, the SECOND shuttle bus..hahaha! I woke up and went through my usual routine thinking, "what does my dream wants to say?"

I remembered on my first job, my friend told me that dreaming of a wake signifies that the person inside the coffin will soon get married, but what if the coffin is open?Will it still signify the same meaning? And whoa! He will soon get married? I don't know if it's a relief for me or not, it's a mixture of feelings, so I consulted the ever friendly search engines to interpret that mind-boggling dream, here's what has as an answer for me:

To dream that you attend a wake, symbolizes your need to grieve or let go of something that has been close to you. It is also okay to seek the support of those around you to help you get through this difficult time.

Okay, so that was the best interpretation I was able to get, and probably the closest one to what I am currently going through...But me, to grieve? I guess, letting go is okay for me, but to grieve time and again, no way! I don't wanna go through those steps again, I am okay now, and I am now learning to let go, I don't need to weep again like before.

I hope that dream interpretation was for real, for I cannot accept it if it means worse for the person in my dream, it's true, I'm mad at him but I do not want to wish him bad luck or something, I just want to move on, and let go of our story, that's all...

So, could that nightmare be a beginning of a very long nightmare in real life, or was it already the end of it? I hope it's the second one... ;)

Work After Vacation

Another work week is so difficult to begin. After two days of vacation, plus a day of fun (anyway, was it fun?!?) with all of the company's employees, then you have to report for work the following day... It is indeed soooo difficult. I cannot push myself to have a very productive Tuesday. All I try to do is starting to be a mess...

My mind's travelling far and I can't help myself not to yawn. I still want to stay at home and surf the net... OR stay at Kuya Ed's wake and spend with him his last 3 days at his house, (yes, the interment is scheduled on Thursday or Friday, I am not sure as well)... And what's so bad about me, I haven't visited his wake yet, though I was aware of his leaving since Sunday. Now, I am feeling so guilty, blogging about his goodness, yet I haven't given a respect yet on his remains. In fact, I am planning not to render an overtime today, for two main reasons: I'M BORED, and I WANNA VISIT KUYA ED...

Hope I could do that today... Hope the tasks won't be coming and pile up in the afternoon, or else, I'm DEAD!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

See you soon, Kuya Ed...

I haven't seen Kuya Ed for almost half a year now...Well, honestly, I can't remember the time I last saw him passing by and calling my mom, "FHEL!!!"... And now, I guess, seeing him would take longer than a decade for me... He passed away last night while having fun with some friends at a wedding shower somewhere down our street...

As per my ninang's story, he was so happy last night seeing my ninang, his good friend whom he haven't seeen for quite sometime due to work and a sudden change of residence for my ninang... Ninang said, they were so happy, laughing around, and dancing... But they parted ways earlier, coz ninang and some of her friends and some of my tita's have to visit my tito in the hospital as well... But while at the hospital, somebody called my tita and said, "Kapitana, balik kayo dito, natumba si Ed, masama pakiramdam (Captain, come back here, Ed fell down and not in good condition)"..My tita, thinking it's just brought about his drunkenness said she'll go back after an hour, they'll wait for tito to wake up first. But the guy on the phone insisted, and my tita, being the barangay captain, then returned home..But they received a text message to go directly to the hospital, coz Kuya Ed was sent to the hospital already.

Still on the car, they already saw a lot of people, and when Ninang saw Ate Milette crying and almost breaking down, she rushed down the car and went to Ate Milette directly. Right then and there, she heard the doctor saying that it was too late, Kuya Ed didn't made it...

The fun they had earlier was suddenly replaced with grieve and regrets.Kuya Ed, known to be one of the greatest person in town, one of the best Barangay Councilor, undeniably the best person you can run to anytime, for whatever reason, has already joined our dear Creator.

I remembered those days when Kuya Ed and his friends would stay here and dine on our little restau. He loves my mom's lomi and pancit, plus the grilled isaw and barbeque... He loves to eat and he eats a lot... He knows when to have fun and when to be serious... He loves his family so much, most especially his little sister, Ate Nita... He loves her so much that he chose not to get married, and just take care of her and of his nieces and nephews.. He did everything for his family, and just recently, did everything for the barangay as well, despite all the hurting words his own family says about him, he did not stop helping the barangay and all the people that needs his service...

We will definitely miss Kuya Ed... His laughter that none could ever replace... The laughs that would unfathomably show how happy he is and how great life has been to him... Now, I would never see his smiling face again... I would never hear him calling my mom for some story telling and tambay's...

Kuya Ed, I know wherever you are right now, you are more than happy there... No more hurting words, no more difficult living... You're with God Almighty, and nothing could ever replace the joy and happiness you are experiencing right now, even if there's no Ginebra San Miguel or beers there, nor isaw, lomi and pancit...Life may have ended for you, but an everlasting life was given to you... A gift given only to those that deserve it... To people who made the best out of their earthly lives... And you are so lucky for God chose to take care of you... He knows it's time that it is you to be taken care of, it's time for you to rest and be joyful...

We will miss you Kuya Ed, but we are happy coz we know you are happy...

See you at the crossroads soon, Kuya Ed...

Don't forget to look over at us from Up Above...

We Love you Kuya Eddis...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trying To Blog Something Great

Today, I planned to look at the brighter side of life, despite all the not-so-great things that is happening around me right now. I have decided that from now on, I will be blogging more about great things and minimize (not totally avoiding it) blabbing about failures and frustrating events that happens each day.

Let me start about what went on yesterday...

I was early, yey! After a month, I was able to catch the shuttle service at Lipa City, though we were caught by the traffic and arrived 10 minutes before the time, still, I managed not to take the public transportation on my first working day. Then, my uncle was not admitted in the hospital, thank God, he is suffering from asthma, that's all, but no need for a hospital admission, according to his doctor...

Today, though, I woke up just in time, but I was left by the shuttle service. I already knew ahead that I won't be able to catch the last bus, so I extended my PUB destination another 4 km or more... What's the best thing about this morning? Hmmm... I saw my cousin that I haven't seenfor quite a while, we were on the same PUB, but we were seated distantly, so we chatted through text, so crazy of us, ain't we?

So far, my day has just started, I am not sure what other great things will happen till tonight. Whatever it may be, I am ready, and I am looking forward to all of those things happening to me....

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Writing Is Not For Me...

this is it... i now accept that writing is not for me... i took the risk of venturing on this as a career.. tried a lot of writing websites and sent them my sample works... but none of them returned any reply to me... none was satisfied with my works... i guess, they were right... writing is not for me... i could never ever be a writer no matter how i tried to be one...

and now, i'm back... back to that time when i don't know what i want in life... what i want to be...i'm tired with my current job... but where should i go now? i don't know.. and i no longer know what is in store for me... what future lies ahead for me...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"love your job"

I had a few words with my professor few days ago...She asked me how I'm doing and where on earth am I right now. I told her I am currently working as an engineer in a manufacturing company where REAL engineers dominates me. I told her the truth that I am really having a hard time here, trying to fit in and doing my best to excel, but it seems like my heart does not belong here, it seems like I am not destined to be here... <Or was I actually destined to be here that's why I cannot find a replacement job? Sigh! I wish I am not destined here!>

Going back, she asked me what made me think this way. Why I am like this when in fact, when I was in college, I was the one who was consistently doing good and focused, how come that when I was already working, things suddenly became so dark for me. I could not answer her, for I myself asks those things to myself. What happened to me? What happened to the "CY" they once knew, the one who loved Chemistry so much was determined to be one of the country's most respectable Chemist.

Yes, those were my dreams years ago, when I was still in college. I was overwhelmed by the thoughts of working in a pharmaceuticals company, or any consumer company, and be able to generate my own product line, or at least say, that this new soap that Company Z is currently marketing via ads at TV, radio, newspaper and tarpaulins, is no other than a product of my own perseverance, somethign worth remembering, that once in my life, I had created a product that turned every Filipino eyeing for that, wanting to use that.

But where am I right now? I am always landing at the wrong job... Paper industry, polymer industry, salt industry, and now, a semiconductors company... Those companies that I want to be part of does not want to hire me. Some turned me down due to my health, others simply does not want to hire me because, there are better chemists ahead of me.

I told her, I am starting to feel so frustrated about my career, that I want to make a total 360 degree turn and start anew. I know, my words struck her and made her frustrated herself, for she was just only able to say: "uy, wag ka ma-frustrate. Try to love your job so you won't feel tired and bored." But the question is, how can I love this job when my heart is not here? How can I put my heart into it so I won't feel frustrated, tired or bored?

Maybe you got the answer.. Maybe you can help me out... How can I learn to love a job that I hate as of this time? What should I do to make myself love this job and make me stay here for good?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Check out my articles

Hello guys! I've started my account with, and currently, I had published a total of 2 articles as my initial projects. Check these links and have time reading, and feel free to comment so that I can work on my craft and improve it.


Thank you for your time... God bless!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why I Love Writing

When I was a kid, I was the only kid in the house, so my mom and aunts would give me a pen and paper to keep me busy and stop bugging them...

I thought my family will continuously support me with my want of holding pen and paper. But when I was in high school, my mom asked me to quit writing, to forget about anything about writing... I was hurt... It seems like my world was shattered... Writing has always been part of me... Writing has always been my way of life, and they would suddenly ask me to quit it and to never pursue it as my chosen career...

I was asked to take on a career I never really envisioned myself doing... I was forced to love a life that was totally new to me... A career path that I am not sure what lies ahead... But despite everything, I remained rooted to what I really want... I continued writing hidden in shadows... I wrote without letting my family know... It was so frustrating for me that my own family does not care about what I want to achieve... I feel so alone... But it never stopped me from pursuing what I want to do... What I want to achieve...

I am still writing... And I will write till the last breath of me... For in writing, I can be who I want to be... In writing, I am capable of anything... In writing, I am free... Only in writing can I say that I am who God wants me to be...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Part Time Job: Freelance Writer

Help me guys!


I need a part time work...If you happen to know someone (or you, yourself) looking for a copywriter, or SEO writer (ghost writer is okay with me), please send me a mail, or do contact me at the following numbers:


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I have a very affordable rate, it's minimum of Php 50.00 per 100 words depending on the difficulty of the subject. But if it's going to be a term paper, the fees will be changed depending on the difficulty of the topic and the length required by the client.

your help is highly appreciated.


thank you very much!

Friday, March 28, 2008

goodbye to love

i want to bid love goodbye... but HOW?
i wish it's as easy as waving your hand, turn your back and walk away...
i wish it's not that heartbreaking and won't require shedding too much tears...
but it isn't!
saying goodbye to love is not as easy as simply writing on the sand "GOODBYE LOVE" and leave it behind... it won't work... it won't help... today it is, but tomorrow, it won't... you'll be wanting love back... you'll be asking for his presence again... you'll be longing for his kisses and his touch... and everything that you've written in the sand will simply be washed away by the sea... you'll be back to weeping... back to thinking... back to loving him, all on your own...
love is not that easy to let go... nor is it easy to forget... one great love will forever be a part of you... one great love filled with the most wonderful memories will forever be haunting you...and that one great love will never ever leave you, no matter how many times you have said the lines:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

missing you so badly

i dunno what happened, but for weeks, i lost access to this blog, and to my mails... was i blocked? i don't know and i don't care...

i miss him...

that's the only thing on my mind right now... i miss him... though i know it isn't right... i can't help not to miss him... everyday, i am looking forward seeing him... no matter how hard i try to keep myself from texting or calling him, it doesn't work, in fact, i called him last tuesday and asked him to visit me... even if that was for only 20 minutes seeing him, that was the best damn minutes of my life this month... i know i could never ever get him out of my life... never could i ever live my life without him...

he's my life... he's my everything...

he's my past, my present and will forever be...

so stupid of me to love him! damn it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


WELCOME 2008!!!!

Whoooo!I'm still sleepy, but then, am at work!

YES! I'm at work!

well, i logged in at 1pm and will be out by 7pm...hehehe...just checked on my chemicals and other stuff...

i found out one thing today...that guy who kept on calling me "baby" really thought we're that close huh! he used my locker to keep his cleanroom shoes!what the...!so i was left using other people's locker to keep mine,grrr...!