Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

it's day before Christmas and I'm still at work...oh well, my tasks are done, I can leave anytime...tamad lang magbyahe...Hello, byahe na nga kaninang umaga, byahe pa din pauwi, ang bait ko nman...sulitin ko na shuttle today,hahaha!

be blogging again next year!

Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

God Bless us all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

it's mah birthday

yeah, today's my birthday...what happened on my whole birthday?hmmm,nothing special...i went to work the same time, mom woke me up with a gift wrapped in a BARBIE GIFT WRAPPER (yeah, am still her little girl!), and what's inside is my favorite stuff, a NOTEBOOK with cute bubbles design (sooooo childish, thinking am already 24 today, hahaha!)...then i went to work rushing , asking why?coz am almost late!thank God i was able to catch the shuttle... then came tons of workload to finish, hoping to finish all till 5 pm, but here i am, 6:21pm and am still seated here at my desk...

things that made me happy on my birthday:
1) my gift from mom...
2)early morning greetings from people closest to my heart (one of them is him!)
3)lunch out with my officemates
4)phone call from ate and her daughter
5)feeling of belongingness here at hicap

things i hate about today:
1)my dad is still in the hospital
2)i got tons of workload that i failed to finish
3)i have to render overtime on my birthday
4)my bestfriend did not called...
5)there are people who forgot it's my birthday...:(

this is the first birthday i don't have any cake waiting for me at home...and i am to go to sleep tonight, thanking God for another year, with nobody else to talk to tonight but my dumb dolphin stuff toy and my 2 dumb puppies...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

so yesterday!

"as i sit by my window late at night
as i look at the stars so bright
i see those still memories
recalling in tears and the passing of years has gone by
as i walk on the street side cold and alone
as i watch the street lamps die
i see your faces, the fun we all had
and oh i'm so glad to have them at heart.
from the past until today
until the seasons wither till my body succumb to dust
we'll never let go in faith, in life
that though tomorrow we may live apart
believe and understand, we live as one
beyond the times, live as one.
as i listen to music and sing with the tones
as i talk to a friend on the phone
i hear those laughters afar
and sometimes those tears
recalling the moments of remembered years.
as i smell those roses in the garden bed
as i pick it up close held tight
i see your faces the times we all had
and oh i'm so glad to have them at heart.
see your dreams,
take courage on your soul
and move on
sail on through time
believe in me as i believe in you
that TRUE FRIENDS we are, FOREVER..."

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Thinking back when we first met
I remember what you said
You said you'd never leave me
I let go of your hand
Built my castle in the sand
But now I'm reachin' out again
And I'm not letting go
Till you

Hold me
Mold me
Sometimes I feel so all alone
See, I gotta find me way back home
So why don't you
Shape me
make me
Wah me whiter than the snow
I gotta find my way
Back home

Master upon my knees i pray
I just want to be the clay
Put your arms around me
Place my life in your hands
Lord, I know I'm just a man
I know you understand
This time I'm not letting go
Till you

Anoint me
Appoint me
Somstimes I feel so alone
See, I gotta find my way back home
So why don't you
Chastise me
Baptize me
Wash me whiter than the snow
I gotta find my way

'Cause I'm lost and alone
I've been wandering
Long enough to know
Humbly I search for you
And I'm not gonna rest
Till you

Choose me
Use me
Sometimes I feel so alone
I'm on my way back home

So why don't you
Direct me
Bless me
Wash me whiter then the snow
I'm on my way
Back home